Do­rian Con­cept


The Na­ture of Im­i­ta­tion

In the four years since his last re­lease, Joined

Ends (which has been cat­e­go­rized by the artist him­self as his “cham­ber mu­sic” record), Do­rian Con­cept has spent his time de­vel­op­ing a brand new sound that’s un­rec­og­niz­able and un­ex­pected. What you thought you knew of Do­rian Con­cept? Crum­ple that up and throw it away. The Na­ture of Im­i­ta­tion is a re­mark­able, vis­ceral af­fair that not only high­lights his ex­cep­tion­ally tech­ni­cal style, but lends its fo­cus to the al­bum’s ex­per­i­men­tal, multi-genre eclec­ti­cism. His spot on the Brain­feeder ros­ter is well-de­served, and this al­bum bears the mark of heavy in­flu­ence of the la­bel’s best, in­clud­ing FlyLo him­self. The Na­ture of Im­i­ta­tion is chaotic and ca­cophonous in a way that makes sense — huge swells that bloom out of dizzy­ing as­cend­ing synths, only to be cut off with a blip and re­set into a dis­cernible rhythm. It has, at times, a cut-and-paste sound while feel­ing en­tirely co­he­sive. The Na­ture of Im­i­ta­tion is a prime ex­am­ple of an es­tab­lished artist bril­liantly re­defin­ing and re­de­vel­op­ing their sound to the high­est de­gree. (Brain­feeder, brain­feed­er­

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