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For an all-pur­pose party, we’ll need all-pur­pose wines, and VQA On­tario blends an­swer the call. Blend­ing al­lows the wine­maker to use the strengths of sev­eral va­ri­eties, cre­at­ing bal­anced and com­plex wines. With for­ward fruit flavours and a range of sweet­ness, blends pair bril­liantly with the menu and de­liver universal ap­peal. Sweet tames heat! For spicy dishes, guests will wel­come wine with a touch of sweet­ness—and the Flat Rock Twisted White VQA (VIN­TAGES ES­SEN­TIALS

1578, $17.95) de­lights with bal­anced light sweet­ness and vivid fruit flavours. Our red blend is Me­ga­lo­ma­niac Pompous Red VQA (LCBO 341610, $15.95), a splen­did choice for the Roast Chicken Trio with its juicy berry and spicy flavours. To ac­com­pany the Cherry Cheese­cake Cook­ies, liven up a cup of freshly brewed espresso cof­fee with a mea­sure (⁄ 12 to 34 ⁄ oz) of Heer­ing Cherry Liqueur

(LCBO 227140, $41.45).

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