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“He is a sma­sher of cultu­ral and clas­si­cal mu­sic ta­boos,” says The Los An­geles Times.

“Evil ge­nius or ra­di­cal evan­ge­list?” the Syd­ney Mor­ning He­rald once as­ked. “Ca­me­ron Car­pen­ter is a bit of both.”

Truth is, Car­pen­ter can’t stand la­bels, so­me­thing he has long fought, es­pe­cial­ly as a bi­sexual man.

When I get him on his cell­phone, he is spee­ding through a New York air­port to get to his next concert on his cur­rent world tour which is of­fi­cial­ly na­med – wait for it – “Ca­me­ron Car­pen­ter and his In­ter­na­tio­nal Tou­ring Or­gan.”

“Bi­sexual is a bet­ter word (to des­cribe me) than gay,” says Car­pen­ter. “In a tongue-in-cheek way I just like to say I’m gay and bi­sexual, be­cause it’s all true. When I’m gay, I’m gay, just like in the ge­ne­ral sense I’m not. It is pos­sible to hold conflic­ting or co-ac­ting views and de­sires. I’m ve­ry much aware of being at­trac­ted to wo­men when I am in­vol­ved with men. My sexua­li­ty in­volves all gen­ders.”

Concert-hall or­ga­nist Ca­me­ron Car­pen­ter is a feast for the eyes and ears. The ce­le­bra­ted mu­si­cian has been des­cri­bed as “ex­tra­va­gant­ly ta­len­ted” by The New York Times, been cal­led the “bad boy of the or­gan” and a “ma­ve­rick or­ga­nist.”

This is so­me­thing he dis­co­ve­red gro­wing up. A key­board pro­di­gy, Ca­me­ron Car­pen­ter trai­ned at the Ame­ri­can Boy­choir School at the age of 11 be­fore mo­ving on to The Uni­ver­si­ty North Ca­ro­li­na School of the Arts. He says “it mat­te­red great­ly” that he was at­trac­ted to both boys and girls, so­me­thing, he adds, “I didn’t real­ly start to grapple with on a dai­ly ba­sis un­til I was about 15.”

“I had the mixed bles­sing of being away at boar­ding school at 11years-old, af­ter that I was ac­cep­ted at the Uni­ver­si­ty of North Ca­ro­li­na at the age of 14, then I went di­rect­ly from there to Juilliard,” says Car­pen­ter. “So I was away from home from the age of 11 and ne­ver went back. That’s been won­der­ful be­cause I have had the sup­port of my fa­mi­ly but it al­so meant I could ex­plore my own sexua­li­ty.

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