Grand Magazine : 2019-01-10

WHEELS : 111 : 109


Way More Than Skin Deep Beauty attracts. Beauty takes effort. Your fine car deserves our fine care mitekautob­ 519-578-2052 • 207 Centennial Court, Kitchener OEM Certified Approved SUBSCRIBE TO GRAND MAGAZINE REGION, GUELPH AND BEYOND LIVING WELL IN WATERLOO LIVING WELL IN WATERLOO REGION, GUELPH AND BEYOND BEYOND AND GUELPH REGION, OO WATERL IN LIVINGWELL LIVINGWELL IN WATERLO O REGION, GUELPH AND BEYOND LIVIN G WELL IN WATE RLOO REGI ON, GUEL PH AND BEYO ND HEALTH WELLNESS & OUTDOORS ISSUE Bartenders HOME DÉCOR MIX IT UP ISSUE GARDEN EXPLORING & For Charity HOME Therapeuti­c Of Knitting HOLID AY ISSUE Bras d’Or Lake Practise A SAILOR’S DREAM YOGA Spaces HOLIDA Y FOODS CHANGING On Water CRAFT MARKE T Build a Better Tasty Tradition From s Around TheWorld Making Pastry AsEasy AsPie BURGER ADAHNOELTI­NG Unique GiftIdeas, Dozens Of Vendors Athome or work, she’s reimaginin­g old buildings Tools TOPCHEFS Jayme Armstrong AtHomeWith can'tlive without Strength Courage CULINARY JOURNEYS MUSICROOM Classical music stars drawn toWaterloo Thequest togrow & UNIQUE PLANTS TUNING IN ntStar Entertainm­e Drayton Studying The FINE DINING AND ROAD TRIPS WITH Models of perseveran­ce Lynda Jager, Mandy Bujold, Mikaila Emrich $5.95 MAY | JUNE 2018 CHEF SCOTT YATES $5.95 2018 MARCH | APRIL JULY | AUGUST 2018 $5.95 SEPT | OCT 2018 $5.95 Spiritual Adviser 7287300002 7287300002 7 7 00002 8 72873 8 GRANDFINDS 7 7 728730 8 0002 Jazz up your living space NOV|DEC 2018 $5.95 5:2 2018-02-05 MELAN IE GOODC HILD 7 72873 00002 8 NASA’s Indigen ousVoice In Climate - Change Talk 6 issues for just $33.76 (incl. tax) grandmgazi­ or call 519 895 5214 Connect with us on social media WHERE TO GET IT: PAGE email Brian Williams at bwilliams@grandmagaz­­looRegion @Grand_Magazine­ GRAND 109 JANUARY I FEBRUARY 2019 110

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