Grand Magazine : 2019-01-10

CROWD APPEAL : 21 : 19


A luncheon event sharing perspectiv­es and ideas of importance to the women of Waterloo Region Dr. Vivien Brown Family physician and Author The topic of aging is relevant to all women; each wanting to know they are laying a healthy foundation for their next life stage. Dr. Vivien Brown, Canadian family physician and noted expert on many aspects of women’s health, deals with these issues every day. Please join in the discussion of Dr. Brown’s book “A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging”, as she shares 7 proven ways to keep you vibrant, happy and strong. "If you’re looking for the latest herbal remedy or alternativ­e treatment, you won’t find it here. Dr. Brown’s advice is evidence-based and Health Canada and FDA approved." The Globe and Mail Early bird offer! Thursday March 28, 2019 Be one of the first 100 ticket purchasers and you’ll receive a FREE copy of “A Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging” 12:00pm - 2:00pm Bingemans Ballroom $75.00 │ per person Includes lunch and speaker supportstm­ Questions? Call 519-749-6797 For tickets visit:

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