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Boul­der­ing pads are there to save your limbs and maybe your life. They’ve come a long way since the first ones in the 1990s. The in­sides are made of so­phis­ti­cated com­bi­na­tions of open-cell and closed-cell foam. Each is de­signed with a dif­fer­ent pur­pose in mind. Some pads are made to take big falls, oth­ers are built for small falls. Here are five pads to con­sider be­fore your next boul­der­ing trip. The Cirro has a num­ber of in­no­va­tive fea­tures that prove crash pads can still be im­proved. Petzl starts with a full cov­er­age zip­pered flap clo­sure that en­sures no gear is lost when walk­ing to the boul­ders. The flap is zipped open and then re-zipped so that it cov­ers the low pro­file Vel­cro-ad­justable har­ness sys­tem. The pad is then placed with the cov­ered har­ness side fac­ing up. Petzl has cho­sen this ap­proach be­cause it al­lows them to use the dense closed cell foam on the out­side of the pad. This is im­por­tant be­cause the foam on the out­side of a folded tacostyle pad is sub­jected to less com­pres­sion, which en­sures a longer us­able life. Speak­ing of foam, Petzl has opted for a patented three­layer foam con­struc­tion (two lay­ers of closed cell and one layer of open), which they feel de­liv­ers bet­ter im­pact ab­sorp­tion and dura­bil­ity. This is a great new ad­di­tion to the boul­der ing pad mar­ket. This is per­haps the in­dus­try stan­dard for toplevel con­struc­tion and dura­bil­ity. Or­ganic has al­ways str ived to pro­vide the best U.S. made pad with U.S. sourced ma­te­ri­als, which may ex­plain why Or­ganic pads are the favour ite of so many ser ious boul­der­ers. The Full Pad of­fers a gen­er­ous yet still eas­ily trans­portable four-inch thick land­ing sur­face. The pad’s clo­sure flap safely se­cures gear in­side the pad and folds over to pro­tect the ad­justable har­ness sys­tem from dirt when the pad is de­ployed. Solo boul­der­ers will also ap­pre­ci­ate the large clo­sure can pig­gy­back a sec­ond smaller pad. Throw in the op­tion of cus­tom colours and it’s clear why this is one of the best pads avail­able.

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