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In an in­stant, 28 homes were crushed on Sept. 19, 1889, when a huge piece of rock broke off Cap Dia­mant in Que­bec City and slammed down, bury­ing about 100 peo­ple. The rock­slide killed 48, but could have been much worse — many who lived on the street were away. The worst rock­slide in Cana­dian his­tory oc­curred in Frank, Alta., on Apr. 29, 1903. In just two min­utes, mil­lions of tonnes of rock rum­bled down Tur­tle Moun­tain, cov­er­ing nearly two square kilo­me­tres in­clud­ing the en­trance to a nearby mine and most of the town. About 70 of the town’s 600 or or so peo­ple died; be­cause res­cuers couldn’t find ev­ery­one, we’ll never know for sure. The Jane Slide hap­pened in the vil­lage of Bri­tan­nia near Squamish, B.C. on Mar. 22, 1915. Mud, rock and snow 15 me­tres deep in places crashed down the nearby moun­tain, de­stroy­ing cab­ins where min­ers and their fam­i­lies were sleep­ing. Res­cuers dug hard and long, but at least 50 peo­ple died.

Wreck­age caused by the 1903 land­slide in Frank, Alta.

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