Hu­man case of West Nile Vi­rus confir­med

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The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Health Unit (EOHU) has confir­med the first hu­man case of West Nile vi­rus this sum­mer in the re­gion. This comes af­ter mos­qui­toes were po­si­ti­ve­ly tes­ted for the vi­rus in Mid-Ju­ly. Un­til now, hu­man cases had on­ly been confir­med in other re­gions of the pro­vince.

The Eas­tern On­ta­rio Health Unit (EOHU) has been ac­ti­ve­ly mo­ni­to­ring mos­qui­toes in Eas­tern On­ta­rio for the West Nile vi­rus throu­ghout the en­tire sum­mer; col­lec­ting and tes­ting mos­qui­toes in the re­gion. The pre­cise lo­ca­tion of the source of the vi­rus is not known, ho­we­ver the confir­ma­tion of a hu­man case of the West Nile vi­rus main­tains that the vi­rus is still in­deed a concern in the area.

Al­though, the risk of ill­ness from the West Nile vi­rus is re­la­ti­ve­ly low for most people, it can still cause se­rious ill­ness to some – such as se­niors, who can see the on­set of me­nin­gi­tis. Ho­we­ver, there are no fur­ther de­tails re­gar­ding the state of the confir­med case.

The EOHU has is­sued se­ve­ral pre­cau­tions that re­si­dents should be ta­king against mos­qui­toes and in or­der to prevent the risk of cat­ching the vi­rus. Se­ve­ral of these mea­sures in­clude being cau­tious in en­su­ring that mos­qui­toes do not en­ter the house and to avoid being out­side at dusk and dawn, as mos­qui­toes are most ac­tive at these times of day. Ac­cor­ding to the EOHU, it is al­so im­por­tant to use fe­de­ral­ly re­gis­te­red re­pel­lents that contain DEET, to wear light-co­lou­red clo­thing, and to be sure that any­thing left out­side (i.e. contai­ners, pool co­vers, toys, flo­wer­pot sau­cers) are emp­tied of any wa­ter.

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Le Bu­reau de san­té de l’est de l’On­ta­rio (BSEO) a confir­mé le pre­mier cas hu­main du vi­rus du Nil oc­ci­den­tal (VNO) de l’été dans la ré­gion. Le vi­rus a été dé­tec­té à la mi-juillet, sur des mous­tiques de la ré­gion par des tests du BSEO. Jus­qu’à main­te­nant, des in­fec­tions chez les hu­mains ne s’étaient pro­duites que dans d’autres sec­teurs de la pro­vince.—

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