Rus­sell Vil­lage could be the home of 400 + new fa­mi­lies


Du­ring Rus­sell Town­ship Coun­cil’s last mee­ting, Uni­ted Coun­ties of Pres­cott and Rus­sell (UCPR) pre­sen­ted a draft plan of sub­di­vi­sion ap­pli­ca­tion for Me­la­nie Construc­tion, which was fol­lo­wed by a pu­blic hea­ring, as pro­ce­dures re­quire.

A crowd of thir­ty-some lis­te­ned ca­re­ful­ly, as Syl­vain Bou­dreault ex­plai­ned, last Mon­day Au­gust 14, the de­tails per­tai­ning to this new sub­di­vi­sion. Si­tua­ted along North Rus­sell Road, the pro­per­ty is lo­ca­ted wi­thin the vil­lage li­mits of Rus­sell, more spe­ci­fi­cal­ly wi­thin the north-east qua­drant of the vil­lage (Part of Lot 13 Con­ces­sion 3, Town­ship of Rus­sell Vil­lage of Rus­sell).

The UCPR Plan­ning and Fo­res­try De­part­ment has re­cei­ved an ap­pli­ca­tion for ap­pro­val, of a draft plan of sub­di­vi­sion consis­ting of 427 re­si­den­tial units, spread out through 325 single de­ta­ched dwel­lings, 34 se­mi-de­ta­ched dwel­lings, 68 town­houses along with 4 com­mer­cial blocks and ano­ther one for a park. The af­fec­ted land will be ful­ly ser­vi­ced by the mu­ni­ci­pal wa­ter and se­wer sys­tem.

This pu­blic mee­ting is a re­qui­re­ment of the Plan­ning Act and is being held to pro­vide an op­por­tu­ni­ty for the pu­blic to voice their com­ments and concerns with re­gards to these pro­po­sed ap­pli­ca­tions.

Among them, some concer­ned ci­ti­zens rai­sed the ques­tions of traf­fic conges­tion – most homes now have two ve­hicles, the connec­ti­vi­ty of the sub­di­vi­sion to a bike path, emer­gen­cy ve­hicle and school bus ac­cess, as well as lo­ca­tion of si­de­walks.

Stu­dies are al­so on the way in re­gards to the pro­ject and fol­lo­wing the de­ci­sion of the ap­pro­val au­tho­ri­ties (UCPR & Rus­sell), there will be a 20-day ap­peal per­iod, as pres­cri­bed by the Plan­ning Act. De­tails and vi­deo are avai­lable through the Town­ship of Rus­sell’s web­site, and one can be no­ti­fied of the de­ci­sion by ma­king a writ­ten re­quest to the Uni­ted Coun­ties of Pres­cott and Rus­sell.

—pho­to Vicky Charbonneau

Une as­sem­blée pu­blique avait lieu le lun­di 14 août der­nier, dans le but de pré­sen­ter un plan pré­li­mi­naire de lo­tis­se­ment, de la part de Mé­la­nie Construc­tion. Si­tué à l’in­té­rieur des li­mites du vil­lage de Rus­sell et com­po­sé de 427 uni­tés d’ha­bi­ta­tions ré­si­den­tielles, le plan pré­voit plus spé­ci­fi­que­ment 325 ré­si­dences uni­fa­mi­liales, 34 ju­me­lées, 68 mai­sons en ran­gées ain­si que 4 blocs com­mer­ciaux et un parc. Cer­tains ré­si­dents, dont Ma­rie-Claire Bu­cha­nan, ont ex­pri­mé des ré­serves quant à la sé­cu­ri­té et à l’ac­cès li­mi­té des ser­vices d’ur­gence dans un mo­dèle de quar­tier tel que pré­sen­té dans l’ébauche du plan de lo­tis­se­ment.

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