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With a per­so­nal mis­sion to pro­vide pro­ducts and ser­vices of high qua­li­ty to en­sure the ul­ti­mate sa­tis­fac­tion of cus­to­mers in the area, Den­nis Langlois, new part­ner and dea­ler prin­ci­pal at Em­brun Ford, hopes to use his ex­ten­sive ex­pe­rience, pas­sion and drive to the be­ne­fit of the com­mu­ni­ty.

“I’ve been in the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try for 26 years. I star­ted back in 1991 as a ser­vice ad­vi­sor and most of my time has been spent in ser­vice, parts, body shop and cus­to­mer re­la­tions”, sta­ted Langlois.

Eight years ago, he then be­came ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger in a dea­ler­ship in Pem­broke and has been wor­king ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger roles ever since, hel­ping dea­ler­ships grow. “My strength has al­ways been in the fixed ope­ra­tions parts and ser­vice and cus­to­mer re­la­tions, ad­ded the ser­vice spe­cia­list. I am pas­sio­nate about cus­to­mers and I like to hire, train and de­ve­lop staff to be like me in that as­pect.”

Over­seeing all ope­ra­tions, Langlois wishes that past and present clients take the time to come and shake hands, and ex­pe­rience for them­selves the new Em­brun Ford. Al­though his vi­sion may take some time to ful­fill com­ple­te­ly, his focus for now is the ser­vice de­part­ment. “I have an op­por­tu­ni­ty now to take this dea­ler­ship and culti­vate and grow it and to de­ve­lop it to where its po­ten­tial is. I am pas­sio­nate about re­sults and my force is buil­ding great teams.”

Af­ter spen­ding the last 20 years in Pem­broke, Den­nis Langlois has made this region his new home. “I’m here to stay, not just a couple of years, I have a stake in this place and a ge­nuine in­ter­est to make sure that it suc­ceeds and grows.”

Al­though lo­ca­ted in a gro­wing area, the com­mu­ting com­mu­ni­ty re­pre­sents a chal­lenge, but Langlois’ intent is to reach out to past, present and po­ten­tial cus­to­mers, to “shake things up and make things hap­pen”.

“I’m ve­ry com­pe­ti­tive, in a good way, conclu­ded Langlois. Even­tual­ly I will own 100% of this place, it might take me a lot of time, but it’s the in­ten­tion. We have a ca­pa­ci­ty to do a lot more, a lot of po­ten­tial and al­so, a lot of room for im­pro­ve­ment.”

—pho­to Vi­cky Charbonneau

Do­té d’une mis­sion per­son­nelle de four­nir des ser­vices de haute qua­li­té pour as­su­rer la sa­tis­fac­tion ul­time des clients de la ré­gion, Den­nis Langlois, nou­veau par­te­naire et conces­sion­naire prin­ci­pal d’Em­brun Ford, es­père uti­li­ser sa vaste ex­pé­rience, sa pas­sion et son dy­na­misme au pro­fit de la com­mu­nau­té. Après avoir pas­sé les 20 der­nières an­nées à Pem­broke, M. Langlois a fait de la ré­gion sa nou­velle de­meure, compte y res­ter, voir l’en­tre­prise gran­dir et un jour, en être pro­prié­taire.

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