Pa­tient­ly wai­ting… for a fa­mi­ly doc­tor


Sa­tur­day mor­ning, hun­dreds of people were li­ning up on a first-come, first-ser­ved ba­sis to si­gn up with the new doc­tor at the Rus­sell Me­di­cal Centre, Dr. An­na Bou­tillier.

The re­ti­re­ment of ge­ne­ral prac­ti­tio­ner Da­nielle DeBan­né’s, af­ter more than 20 years of prac­tice, left 1700 pa­tients with no doc­tor. The chal­lenge now is that her re­pla­ce­ment, Dr. An­na Bou­tillier is, by law, on­ly able to take on 1200 of them.

A let­ter in June in­for­med them that whoe­ver wan­ted a spot on the new doc­tor’s ros­ter would have to phy­si­cal­ly re­gis­ter in per­son at the Rus­sell Me­di­cal Centre on Sep­tem­ber 9. “I ha­ven’t done this since stan­ding in line for Rol­ling Stones ti­ckets, sha­red Rus­sell Town­ship coun­ci­lor Cin­dy Sau­cier on her Fa­ce­book wall. Jo­king aside, this is a se­rious mat­ter!”

Com­ments that fol­lo­wed her post were those of people with the exis­ting re­sources. “I was told people were there at 3:30 a.m. We need more doc­tors for Rus­sell and a new me­di­cal centre, said Rus­sell re­sident Del­la Al­len. We lost an ama­zing doc­tor. Dr. DeBan­né is one in a mil­lion.”

Al­though Dr. DeBan­né’s work­load was overw­hel­ming, as sta­ted in her let­ter to trans­fer her prac­tice to Bou­tillier, she is not im­pres­sed with the pro­cess and sug­gests that this mat­ter be brought to hi­gher le­vels. Among them, she sug­gests people get in touch with the Cham­plain Lo­cal Health In­te­gra­tion Net­work (LHIN), whose man­date is to en­sure health ser­vices are well-or­ga­ni­zed, ap­pro­pria­te­ly fun­ded, and meet the health needs of the re­gion.

She al­so men­tio­ned the Fa­mi­ly Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion (FHO), an ini­tia­tive of the On­ta­rio Me­di­cal As­so­cia­tion and the On­ta­rio Mi­nis­try of Health and Long-Term Care. A doc­tor’s FHO is a group of fa­mi­ly phy­si­cians who are wor­king to­ge­ther to give pa­tients and their fa­mi­lies bet­ter ac­cess to qua­li­ty pri­ma­ry ser­vices.

As this is a gro­wing concern in ma­ny parts of the pro­vince, in the mean­time, the new Li­moges Health Hub, set to of­fi­cial­ly open in Oc­to­ber, is ac­tual­ly ac­cep­ting new pa­tients. Th­ree fa­mi­ly phy­si­cians have been mee­ting with their new pa­tients and by the time the eight phy­si­cians come in, next spring, the Na­tion Health Centre (613 -714-9899), lo­ca­ted at third floor, will be able to serve

—pho­to four­nie

Tan­dis que plu­sieurs se di­ri­geaient vers la foire de Rus­sell sa­me­di ma­tin, plu­sieurs cen­taines de per­sonnes fai­saient la file afin de s’ins­crire sur la liste du nou­veau mé­de­cin de la cli­nique mé­di­cale de Rus­sell, Dr An­na Bou­tillier. En ef­fet, l’an­nonce de la re­traite de Dre Da­nielle DeBan­né qui y pra­ti­quait de­puis plus de 20 ans a lais­sé 1700 pa­tients sans mé­de­cin de fa­mille. Or, se­lon une nou­velle loi, les mé­de­cins ne peuvent avoir plus de 1200 pa­tients sous leur su­per­vi­sion. Vers 7h du ma­tin, on pou­vait dé­jà comp­ter une cen­taine de per­sonnes qui dé­si­raient une place au sein de la pra­tique du Dr Bou­tillier.

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