Rus­sell seeks the pu­blic’s in­put


To help Rus­sell Town­ship ad­mi­nis­tra­tion and coun­cil un­ders­tand re­si­dents’ chal­lenges and vi­sions, a spe­cial coun­cil ses­sion was held to hear the pu­blic’s re­quests for the 2018 bud­get.

Du­ring the Sep­tem­ber 11 mee­ting, ma­ny re­quests were brought for­ward for the Town­ship’s consi­de­ra­tion, ran­ging from road pa­ving and sa­fe­ty re­quests to re­pairs to fa­ci­li­ties and re­crea­tion de­ve­lop­ment sup­port.

Among others, Rus­sell re­sident The­re­sa We­ver spoke on be­half of the Rus­sell Agri­cul­tu­ral So­cie­ty, who just held the 159th edi­tion of the Rus­sell Fair, in a re­quest to in­crease their an­nual fun­ding.

“We’re not loo­king for a hand-out or a bail out. We be­lieve that any fi­nan­cial sup­port the Town­ship de­cides to give the fair would in fact be an in­vest­ment”, said the Rus­sell Fair board mem­ber.

In fact, each year, this event is said to bring a “huge eco­no­mic im­pact in the com­mu­ni­ty”. This year, it was es­ti­ma­ted to have brought “rough­ly $ 200,000 just this wee­kend to our lo­cal eco­no­my”, in ad­di­tion to all the vi­si­tors that come and dis­co­ver the com­mu­ni­ty. The Rus­sell Ca­na­da Day com­mit­tee al­so as­ked for an in­crease in their an­nual sup­port, which they at­tri­bute to in­crea­sed costs in fi­re­works and sound, just to name a few.

For their part, the Em­brun Mi­nor Ba­se­ball As­so­cia­tion and Car­le­ton Lit­tle League made a re­quest to im­prove exis­ting dia­monds in Em­brun, and per­haps trans­form in­to hy­brid dia­monds for youn­ger players. As it is a gro­wing sport eve­ryw­here, they have al­so hit their li­mit, so a small call for new dia­mond places was al­so heard, so that the or­ga­ni­za­tions may ex­pand their ca­pa­ci­ty or even host Lit­tle League Ca­na­da cham­pion­ships.

The mee­ting al­so al­lo­wed the Li­moges and Ma­rion­ville ci­ti­zens com­mit­tees to make spe­ci­fic re­quests, such as ex­ten­ding or re­pa­ving dif­ferent areas for sa­fe­ty mea­sures, and hel­ping with out­da­ted fa­ci­li­ties. Fi­nal­ly, other sug­ges­tions were made for the de­ve­lop­ment of re­crea­tion areas, aug­men­ta­tion of the exis­ting edible tree area along the bike bath and the prio­ri­ty of re­rou­ting hea­vy truck traf­fic in the heart of Rus­sell Village.

The mu­ni­ci­pal bud­get mee­tings should take place ear­ly this fall, whil­st coun­cil and ad­mi­nis­tra­tion will have to dis­cuss and see how they can try and “work mi­racles”, as mayor Pierre Le­roux conclu­ded.

Afin de com­prendre les dé­fis et les vi­sions de ses contri­buables, la Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­té de Rus­sell a te­nu une séance spé­ciale en vue de la pré­pa­ra­tion du bud­get pour la pro­chaine an­née.

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