Vo­lun­tee­ring is ea­sier than it has ever been be­fore

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Ac­cor­ding to the or­ga­ni­za­tion Volunteer Ca­na­da’s stu­dies, six out of ten Ca­na­dians have vo­lun­tee­red at some point in their lives. Ty­pi­cal­ly, Ca­na­dians volunteer ei­ther ear­ly or late in life. Ca­na­dians bet­ween 15 and 18 have the hi­ghest rate of vo­lun­tee­rism while those bet­ween 65 and 74 volunteer the most to­tal hours. Six­ty-one per cent of Ca­na­dians who do not volunteer claim they are unable to make long­term com­mit­ments. Lu­cki­ly, bet­ween so­cial me­dia and na­tio­nal ef­forts by groups like Volunteer Ca­na­da, it’s ea­sier than ever to connect with or­ga­ni­za­tions and people who need your help in a way that fits your sche­dule.


This year, Volunteer Ca­na­da’s Na­tio­nal Volunteer Week runs from April 15 to 21. It’s an an­nual ef­fort to get the word out about how and where Ca­na­dians can volunteer to help their com­mu­ni­ties. Ma­ny Ca­na­dians think they can­not volunteer their time be­cause, bet­ween fa­mi­ly and work, they’re not able to make ad­di­tio­nal com­mit­ments. One way that even these Ca­na­dians who don’t have a lot of time can get involved, ho­we­ver, is mi­cro-vo­lun­tee­ring. This kind of vo­lun­tee­ring is ba­sed on the idea of crowd­sour­cing. Big pro­jects are bro­ken down in­to small pieces that a large num­ber of people can contri­bute to in small ways. These contri­bu­tions are of­ten done through com­pu­ters or smart­phones and may take on­ly a couple of hours or even a few mi­nutes of your time. Contact Volunteer Ca­na­da to find out more about how you can get involved this April.

Al­though on­ly 44 per cent of Ca­na­dians volunteer at any gi­ven time, 82 per cent do some kind of in­for­mal vo­lun­tee­ring, which means hel­ping their com­mu­ni­ty out­side of a for­mal volunteer or­ga­ni­za­tion.

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