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The pro­vin­cial elec­tion is about two weeks away and now controversy has struck at the campaign of Pro­gres­sive Conservative can­di­date Aman­da Simard.

Ra­chel The­riault sent out an email to all me­dia May 18 sta­ting that she had re­si­gned as a mem­ber of the Simard campaign team.

The­riault iden­ti­fied her­self as the se­cre­ta­ry for the Glen­gar­ry-Pres­cott-Rus­sell PC exe­cu­tive and the campaign’s tech­no­lo­gy ma­na­ger and sta­ted that she could no lon­ger conti­nue in ei­ther po­si­tion “due to a num­ber of ethi­cal and mo­ral conflicts” which she can­not ac­cept or re­solve for her­self concer­ning both the lo­cal campaign it­self and the par­ty’s cur­rent lea­der, Doug Ford. The­riault sta­ted she will now sup­port Li­be­ral can­di­date Pierre Le­roux.

“The ra­tio­nale for my de­ci­sion is mul­ti­fa­ce­ted, in­clu­ding Doug Ford’s an­ti­qua­ted po­li­cy to de­ny me­dia and de­bate re­quests,” sta­ted The­riault, “the in­equa­li­ty bet­ween conti­nued dir­ty po­li­tics com­mit­ted by the per­so­nal concerns and loss of faith in our dis­gust in the coup that was done to Pa­trick Brown by mem­bers of the On­ta­rio Pro­gres­sive Con­ser­va­tives. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly, these are is­sues I can­not look beyond any lon­ger.”

A re­quest for comment from me­dia re­sul­ted in an email from Simard sta­ting that The­riault was not a mem­ber of her campaign team.

“There were some ini­tial dis­cus­sions about ha­ving her on the team but we la­ter de­ci­ded she would not have been a good fit due to her be­ha­viour,” sta­ted the Simard last month to en­sure she had no ac­cess to any par­ty da­ta. To be clear, Ra­chel has ne­ver ac­tual­ly wor­ked on this campaign team.”

“Upon rea­ding that (sta­te­ment), I was in­sul­ted,” said The­riault du­ring a May 22 phone in­ter­view. “I had been a mem­ber of Simard’s team be­fore she re­cei­ved the (can­di­date) no­mi­na­tion. I had ac­cess to the Pro­gres­sive Conservative da­ta­base for that pur­pose, so I do not un­ders­tand how I could not have been a mem­ber of her team.”

The­riault is now a mem­ber of the Pierre Le­roux Li­be­ral campaign team, in­vol­ved in stra­te­gic plan­ning and prio­ri­ties and part of the “war room” group pre­pa­ring for the June 7 elec­tion day ga­the­ring.

“The ra­tio­nale for my de­ci­sion is mul­ti­fa­ce­ted, in­clu­ding Doug Ford’s an­ti­qua­ted po­li­cy to de­ny me­dia and de­bate re­quests...”


Les élec­tions pro­vin­ciales ont lieu dans deux se­maines en­vi­ron et une contro­verse a main­te­nant frap­pé la cam­pagne de la can­di­date pro­gres­sis­te­con­ser­va­trice Aman­da Simard avec la dé­mis­sion de Ra­chel The­riault, un ex-membre de l’équipe Simard, à cause de «conflits éthiques et mo­raux».

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