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Some ho­meow­ners in Russell Township want to know if they can keep a few chi­ckens in their backyard so they can have fre­sh­laid eggs at their conve­nience. The sub­ject of home chicken coops came up du­ring the May 20 township coun­cil ses­sion af­ter Pu­blic Sa­fe­ty and En­for­cer Di­rec­tor Millie Bour­deau pre­sen­ted a re­port on a new ani­mal care and control by­law for the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty. Coun­cil­lor Cin­dy Sau­cier no­ted that she has re­cei­ved se­ve­ral calls from people as­king about kee­ping chi­ckens in their ba­ckyards.

“There are people who do have them,” Sau­cier said du­ring a la­ter in­ter­view. She poin­ted out that they keep a small fen­ced area for the chi­ckens, so they can have fresh eggs.

La­ter du­ring the pu­blic ques­tion per­iod, Em­brun re­sident Charles Arm­strong as­ked why the pro­po­sed new by­law for­bids pri­vate ow­ner­ship of cer­tain ani­mals. He ad­ded that he un­ders­tands why the township might not want people kee­ping some ani­mals that re­present a po­ten­tial risk, like cer­tain spe­cies of snake, but he won­de­red why pi­geons and doves might be in­clu­ded.

The pro­po­sed by­law ex­pands on the exis­ting one that fo­cuses on dogs. Di­rec­tor Bour­deau no­ted that the by­law is ba­sed on the Ci­ty of Ottawa’s ani­mal control re­gu­la­tions, which has sec­tions dea­ling with exo­tic spe­cies though she does not be­lieve that doves would be clas­sed as an exo­tic bird.

The first draft of the pro­po­sed new ani­mal control by­law will be pos­ted on the township web­site for pu­blic com­ment ei­ther through so­cial me­dia, emails and re­gu­lar let­ters to the mu­ni­ci­pal of­fice. Ad­mi­nis­tra­tion will re­view the com­ments and make any amend­ments ne­ces­sa­ry be­fore brin­ging the draft by­law back to coun­cil la­ter in the sea­son for se­cond and third rea­ding.

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