2 Wing Exer­cise Phoe­nix War­rior 2016 in Ba­got­ville

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On Sep­tem­ber 29, 2016, mem­bers of 2 Wing com­ple­ted a trai­ning exer­cise, Phoe­nix War­rior, where they were able to suc­cess­ful­ly test their abi­li­ty to car­ry out a mis­sion to eva­cuate Ca­na­dians du­ring an emer­gen­cy.

Co­lo­nel Luc Bou­cher, Com­man­der of 2 Wing, tell us that "Exer­cise Phoe­nix War­rior 2016 is de­si­gned to confirm the know- how and ex­per­tise of 2 Wing mem­bers, from the in­di­vi­dual to the col­lec­tive le­vel. This al­lows us to give the Royal Ca­na­dian Air Force the ver­sa­ti­li­ty and flexi­bi­li­ty re­qui­red to meet the de­mands of the go­vern­ment.”

Du­ring Phoe­nix War­rior, eve­ryone at 2 Wing was trai­ned in one way or ano­ther. There were those who de­ployed to the coun­try of Vin­land; this meant that they had to go through all the pre­de­ploy­ment pro­ce­dures, pre­pare the equip­ment to be flown there and erect an ac­tual camp at CFB Ba­got­ville. There were al­so those who co­or­di­na­ted the trai­ning and crea­ted this fic­tio­nal sce­na­rio in Vin­land from be­hind the scenes.

Chief War­rant Of­fi­cer Jean­not La­voie, 2 Air Ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry Squa­dron ( 2 AES) Chief War­rant Of­fi­cer, was among the mem­bers de­ployed to Vin­land in sup­port of the mis­sion to eva­cuate Ca­na­dians. Ve­ry proud­ly, he shares his views: "My ex­pe­rience at Phoe­nix War­rior 2016 was ve­ry re­war­ding and has al­lo­wed us to tar­get the chal­lenges of a high tem­po unit. Exer­cise Phoe­nix War­rior took place on­ly a few days af­ter Exer­cise RIMPAC, thus va­li­da­ting our abi­li­ty to re­cons­truct, among other things, our hu­man and ma­te­rial re­sources avai­lable at short no­tice to de­ploy. "

All in all, a ve­ry com­pre­hen­sive exer­cise that en­abled some 350 mem­bers of 2 Wing to train to­ge­ther in a rea­lis­tic context and be ready for the next mis­sion which might just be around the cor­ner!

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