Ex Ready Angle in Ma­ca­de­mia

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - MOT DU COMMANDANT -

From April 26th to May 5th, 2 Wing par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a fic­ti­tious exer­cise to prac­tice re­scuing Ca­na­dians stuck in an uns­table coun­try. They plan­ned the air eva­cua­tion of Ca­na­dians wi­shing to leave the ' Ma­ca­de­mia', a fic­ti­tious coun­try consis­ting of an ar­chi­pe­la­go of is­lands that has be­come so­cial­ly and po­li­ti­cal­ly uns­table af­ter an earth quake and tsu­na­mi in Fe­brua­ry 2017.

The plot was that be­cause of the in­sta­bi­li­ty, com­mer­cial air­lines were no lon­ger in­su­red to land in the Ma­ca­de­mia, so Ca­na­dians who wan­ted to leave were stuck. This is when the Ca­na­dian go­vern­ment in­ter­ve­ned and sent a mis­sion, led by Glo­bal Af­fairs Ca­na­da, to co­or­di­nate the eva­cua­tion of its ci­ti­zens with the sup­port of the Ca­na­dian Ar­med Forces, the Ca­na­da Bor­der Ser­vices Agen­cy, Pu­blic Sa­fe­ty Ca­na­da , and Im­mi­gra­tion, Re­fu­gees and Ci­ti­zen­ship Ca­na­da. Al­though the eva­cua­tion flights were fic­ti­tious and did not ac­tual­ly take place, all six mem­bers of 2 Wing de­ployed to Bri­tish Co­lum­bia for the exer­cise com­ple­ted all stages of plan­ning and co­or­di­na­ted ae­ro­dromes and roads avai­lable in the Ma­ca­de­mia and in the neigh­bo­ring coun­try which was to wel­come the eva­cuees, thus va­li­da­ting the ae­rial por­tion of trai­ning for this type of mis­sion.

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