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Col. Ra­diff pro­ved him­self to be a warm and dy­na­mic per­son from the ve­ry start of the in­ter­view, wel­co­ming our re­por­ter in­to his of­fice just days af­ter ta­king com­mand of 3 Wing and CFB Ba­got­ville. He is a man of action and it shows as soon as one en­ters his of­fice. The first thing that is sur­pri­sing is that there is not even a chair be­hind his desk. "I pre­fer to work upright. I do not like to sit for a long time and as I have to spend se­ve­ral hours in my of­fice, it's more com­for­table for me to stand, "he ex­plains, stan­ding in front of his com­pu­ter screen that has been ins­tal­led in a rai­sed po­si­tion. Once we get com­for­table, the new com­man­der ad­mits that he is a lit­tle ner­vous about gi­ving his first long in­ter­view in French. He has not had much prac­tice spea­king French since his last as­si­gn­ment in Ba­got­ville 10 years ago. Ho­we­ver, he ca­re­ful­ly chooses the right words and his flui­di­ty is im­pres­sive with even more im­pro­ve­ment sur­ely to come. Des­cri­bing him­self more as a lea­der than as a ma­na­ger, in the co­ming weeks he plans to take a lit­tle time to "mo­ni­tor the beach'' Out­door en­thu­siasts fly fi­shing and snow­shoeing, Col Ra­diff is al­so a fan of tra­di­tio­nal bow hun­ting. He pas­sed on the pas­sion of ar­che­ry to his fa­mi­ly. With his wife and his two boys, he plans on en­joying the na­ture, ri­vers and parks in the area with his fa­mi­ly over the next two years. When as­ked about his prio­ri­ties as com­man­ding of­fi­cer, the word "fa­mi­ly" came back ve­ry of­ten du­ring the for­ty- five mi­nutes of the in­ter­view. "We can­not ful­fill our mis­sion wi­thout kno­wing that our fa­mi­ly mem­bers are well, safe and sup­por­ted," ex­plains Col Ra­diff. He firm­ly be­lieves that mi­li­ta­ry fa­mi­lies are part of the or­ga­ni­za­tion he com­mands. With re­gards to the func­tio­na­li­ty of the base, the new com­man­der says that his pre­de­ces­sors have set up a re­mar­kable or­ga­ni­za­tion that has pro­ved it­self, so he does not in­tend to trans­form eve­ry­thing. Those who want to know more about his vi­sion and di­rec­tions as a com­man­der are in­vi­ted to read or re- read the text of Co­lo­nel Ra­diff pu­bli­shed in the Ju­ly edi­tion of the Vor­tex.

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