Re­mem­brance Day

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The Re­mem­brance Day Ce­re­mo­ny has been an im­por­tant part of the Re­mem­brance pro­cess since 1931. Eve­ry year, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, ce­re­mo­nies are held across the country and around the world to ho­nor those who have died in bat­tle.

In Ba­got­ville, hun­dreds of mi­li­ta­ry and di­gni­ta­ries will al­so mark Re­mem­brance Day at va­rious ce­re­mo­nies. Th­ree events will take place at the same time in Ba­got­ville, Al­ma and Jon­quière. Ac­cor­ding to in­for­ma­tion pro­vi­ded to Le Vor­tex news­pa­per, the ce­re­mo­ny to be held at Han­gar 7 may well be the last one of this ma­gni­tude to take place at the base since the com­man­der of 3 Wing and CFB Ba­got­ville, Co­lo­nel William Ra­diff wants to bring the event clo­ser to the people and make it a more pu­blic ac­ti­vi­ty. The 2018 ce­re­mo­ny should take place so­mew­here in the ci­ty of Sa­gue­nay. Co­lo­nel Ra­diff al­so be­lieves that Re­mem­brance Day is an op­por­tu­ni­ty to pay tri­bute to all those who serve others, be they mi­li­ta­ry, po­lice or fi­re­figh­ters. The ce­re­mo­ny this year will ho­nor ve­te­rans of the Se­cond World War, Jean Cau­chy and Adrien Boi­vin, as well as host Ms. Ch­ris­tine Pee­ters, the mo­ther of po­lice of­fi­cer Thier­ry Le­roux, who died in ser­vice in Fe­brua­ry 2016. The Re­mem­brance Day Ce­re­mo­ny is the event that brings to­ge­ther the most mi­li­ta­ry mem­bers in the Ba­got­ville com­mu­ni­ty. More than 800 sol­diers and about 400 guests will ga­ther at 10 am in Han­gar 7 on Sa­tur­day, No­vem­ber 11th.

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