From Ba­got­ville to Gao

Le Vortex de Bagotville - - NEWS -

The Air­field Ac­ti­va­tion team left Ba­got­ville in June and ar­ri­ved at the Gao base in Mali to take part in Ope­ra­tion PRESENCE.

Once ar­ri­ved, this team pre­pa­red to set up the Ca­na­dian air ins­tal­la­tions re­qui­red to re­ceive the contin­gen­cy of Ope­ra­tion PRESENCE- Mali - the name given to the Ca­na­dian ope­ra­tion in sup­port of the ef­forts of the Uni­ted Na­tions Mul­ti­di­men­sion al In­te­gra­ted Mis­sion. Uni­ted Na­tions Mul­ti­di­men­tion alInt egra­ted Sta­bi­li­za­tion Mis­sion in Ma li ( MINUSMA).

This team will al­so have to or­ga­nize the tran­si­tion of the fa­ci­li­ties with the Ger­man air contin­gent cur­rent­ly ser­ving to car­ry out the mis­sion's air­borne eva­cua­tions.

LCol Mi­chel Cé­cyre, com­man­der of the Mis­sion Sup­port Squa­dron, for­mer­ly known as 2 Air Ex­pe­di­tio­na­ry Squa­dron since ear­ly June, sta­ted "I am al­rea­dy im­pres­sed by the pro­fes­sio­na­lism of my mem­bers and their abi­li­ty to react and adapt qui­ck­ly to un­fo­re­seen events to com­plete the va­rious stages of the mis­sion wi­thin the re­qui­red time. "

In March 2018, Ca­na­da an­noun­ced its in­ten­tion to de­ploy a Task Force in sup­port of MINUSMA fol­lo­wing a re­quest from the UN.

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