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Lethbridge Herald - - LIFESTYLES | SUNDAY PUZZLES - by Kelly Ann Buchanan


1.Cana­dian rocker Bryan 6.Mu­sic note pre-Lah 9.New­bie 13.Swin­dle 17.Con­vened over again 18.Broad­caster in Toronto's prov. 19.There­fore... 20.Drive-__ restau­rant 21.Cather­ine O'Hara com­edy, "Home __" (1990) 22.Sleep state, shortly 23.Par­ti­tion 24.Points 25.'74 hit for Bach­manTurner Over­drive: 4 wds. 29."Beep!" 30.Le­an­dro's beloved in opera 31.Pa­tron saint of Nor­way 32."__? __ you want to or­der take­out or not?" 35.It's in the Sague­nay re­gion of Que­bec 39.Brother's sis­ter, to Mom, for short 42.First bit of al­pha­betic fil­ing: let­ter + wd. + let­ter 43.FMs ra­dio op­po­sites 44.Hitch 45.CTV en­ter­tain­ment news show 47.Italy's old cur­rency 48.Play in bas­ket­ball, Al­ley__ 50.Dullsville 52.__'acte (In­ter­mis­sion) 53.Be­lief sys­tem 54.Stealth birds that don't re­ally give a hoot: 2 wds. 57.Mr. Cassini (Jackie Kennedy's de­signer) 59.Cana­dian en­ter­tainer Don Har­ron's funny ra­dio news­caster char­ac­ter on "Hee Haw", __ Far­quhar­son 61."Er, huh...?" 62.'Av­enue of Trees' town at the bot­tom-right on Saskatchewan's map 65.Nine, in Ger­many 66.Cana­dian ac­tor Ryan of "The Pro­posal" (2009) 68.Gram­pus 69.Typed the data into the sys­tem [abbr.] 71.At-the-peg golfer 73."What's the __'?" (I don't get why this is a big deal?) 74.Ti­tan of fast food res­tau­rants, Ray __ (b.1902 d.1984) 75.May­hem 77.Coun­try star Ms. McEn­tire 79."__. _ & the Women" (2000) star­ring Richard Gere 81.Mr. Stravin­sky of clas­si­cal mu­sic 82.'Mus­cle'-mean­ing pre­fix 83.Long-run­ning CBC show about At­lantic Canada: 3 wds. 86.Spar­tan queen in an­cient Greek mythol­ogy 87.King __ (Shake­spearean ti­tle char­ac­ter) 89.Eng­land toi­let 90.Pet on "The Flint­stones" 92.'Wild Rose Coun­try' in Al­berta and 'Yours to Dis­cover' in On­tario: 3 wds. 100.For­mer im­mense Sea in Cen­tral Asia that's barely there any­more 101.Et __ (Latin for 'and oth­ers') 102.Post-op spot in a hosp. 103.Sin­cerely 104.Lion's locks 105.Kind ges­ture 106.Called-one at the con­vent 107.De­voured 108."To __ __ not to..." 109.Mr. Potato Head stick­ons 110.Joke 111.C'amp­fire t'reat


1.Shake­speare... "How now, _ __?" - Ham­let 2.Saint-Joseph-__-__-Rive, Que­bec 3.Dilbert comic strip in­tern 4.The motto on its coat of arms is 'Glo­rio­sus et Liber' 5.Short­hand item, __ pad 6.East of Cal­gary town in Al­berta 7.Finito 8.High school class, e.g.: 2 wds. 9.'The Rock' 10.UAE = United __ Emi­rates 11.It means 'snow house' in the Inuk­ti­tut lan­guage 12.Johnny Cash's "__ Prison Blues" 13.Hamil­ton-born star Ms. Katic of "Cas­tle" 14.Ac­tor from the TsleilWau­tuth Na­tion in Bri­tish Columbia who starred in 1976 Western movie "The Out­law Josey Wales": 3 wds. 15.Mu­ni­tions 16.Di­shevel 26.Col­league to '-Cola' 27.Golds, in Barcelona 28."Would _ __ to You?" by Eury­th­mics 32.An­cient civil code of the Franks, __ Law 33.__ Moun­tains, in Que­bec 34.Mount Edz­iza (in Bri­tish Columbia), for ex­am­ple: 2 wds. 36."The Heat __ __" by Glenn Frey 37.Tops the streets 38.Let­tered gro­ceries chain 40.Fash­ion model Carol 41.Kiev's land, briefly 46.Abound 49.Emo­tional songs in which Ce­line Dion can re­ally show­case her vo­cals: 2 wds. 51.Dar­ing 54.__-ray player 55.Sha­nia Twain tune: "I __ No Quitter" 56."How come?" 58."Viva __ Ve­gas" (1964) 60.Mod­ern­ize the home's decor 62.Big name in Cana­dian fash­ion and fra­grance: 2 wds. 63.Dick­en­sian mys­tery ti­tle char­ac­ter Ed­win 64.Cap­i­tal of Ghana 66.Marsh plant 67.'Hu­man' suf­fixes (Peo­ple-ish be­ings) 69.Erica fa­mously a VJ on MuchMu­sic 70.Thwarter's vote 72.'South' or 'North' suf­fix 74.Weight unit in Canada 76.Scot­tish group 78.Horned an­i­mal of Su­lawesi 80.Fido's wag­ger 84.In­die rock band of Canada, __ Fire 85.Fawn­ing 88.Catcher of a Mo­ray or Con­ger 91."This __ for You" by Neil Young 92.Baby of the farm's flock 93."Dies __": Latin hymn 94.Zeno of __ (Philoso­pher of an­cient Greece) 95.Dock­ing lo­ca­tion 96.Quito is its cap. in South Amer­ica 97.Car 98.New York Met, e.g., in base­ball 99.Since, to Scot­tish poet Rob­bie Burns

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