Bin pickup de­ci­sion is ill-thought

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An­other ques­tion­able de­ci­sion made by whomever in city hall to move bin pickup from the al­leys to the front streets. Nearly 10 years ago, we and our neigh­bours paid to have our al­ley paved. It is wide, clear and easy to drive upon. We did this to pro­vide easy and clean ac­cess to our prop­erty and back yards from the al­ley.

An added ben­e­fit is to pro­vide good ac­cess for ser­vice ve­hi­cles and City equip­ment; for ex­am­ple, the garbage pickup trucks. There is am­ple room for these ve­hi­cles to drive in this al­ley, much less traf­fic and con­ges­tion than on the street in front of our homes. Ex­cuses for mov­ing the bin pickup were: safety for garbage truck driv­ers (what about safety for all driv­ers along our street, now im­peded by start-and­stop garbage truck driv­ers); ve­hi­cles parked il­le­gally in al­ley­way (if they are il­le­gally parked, ticket or tow them); and peo­ple leav­ing bins out in the al­ley (again, if this is not al­lowed, deal with those in­volved; be­ing fined a few times would fix this is­sue).

With our bins on the street, sub­ject to nor­mal traf­fic, winds, snow­drifts, City snow re­moval equip­ment, et al, I can­not see how this change will ben­e­fit any­one. Re­con­sider this ill-thought, one­size-fits-all de­ci­sion and leave bin pickup in those al­leys which are safe. Once, again, get out into the city and look at what’s go­ing on, and talk to the peo­ple in­volved. Maybe then, your de­ci­sions would bet­ter re­flect the needs of the peo­ple you serve.

Pat Thurston


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