Reg­nier hopes to grow busi­ness


City coun­cil can­di­date Ryan Reg­nier says at­tract­ing busi­nesses to the city, and coun­cil mem­bers hear­ing di­rectly from res­i­dents are cor­ner stones of his plat­form.

Cre­at­ing an en­vi­ron­ment to pro­mote the growth of cur­rent busi­nesses and at­tract new ones, by mak­ing it sim­pler to start a busi­ness, has huge ben­e­fits for the com­mu­nity, he says. It will pro­vide jobs for kids that grew up here and would like to launch their ca­reers here.

“I’ve heard so many of my friends who’ve had to leave be­cause there is noth­ing to of­fer them,” said Reg­nier, who names peo­ple who have had to go to Cal­gary or Leth­bridge for a job.

“If you bring busi­ness back, peo­ple have more dis­pos­able in­come. If you have more dis­pos­able

in­come. peo­ple are more likely to go down­town. It would in­crease the pros­per­ity of the com­mu­nity.”

Em­ployed in con­struc­tion, Reg­nier was raised in a busi­ness-ori­ented fam­ily. His grand­par­ents own and op­er­ate a busi­ness too. Red tape can be a de­ter­rent to peo­ple con­sid­er­ing launch­ing a busi­ness and that needs to be sim­pli­fied, said Reg­nier. More than that, he feels coun­cil needs to set the tone, pro­mote a pos­i­tive busi­ness en­vi­ron­ment, es­pe­cially in the down­town core.

He says down­town may have been neg­a­tively im­pacted in the past few years with all the con­struc­tion that has taken place. Con­struc­tion projects are nec­es­sary but could per­haps be bet­ter co-or­di­nated to limit the im­pact on busi­nesses, said Reg­nier. Maybe break­ing con­struc­tion down into smaller projects, lim­it­ing them to about six weeks rather than sev­eral months, is some­thing that should be looked at, he says.

Some lo­cal con­struc­tion projects in­di­cate there are a num­ber of com­pa­nies from out of town. The bud­get on a project is im­por­tant and out-oftown com­pa­nies may be cheaper but not nec­es­sar­ily the best, said Reg­nier. He would like to see the award of ten­ders based on qual­ity and no only price. Qual­ity may in the long run prove to be the most cost ef­fec­tive.

Be­ing avail­able to hear face to face from res­i­dents is cru­cial in coun­cil, said Reg­nier.

The sur­vey that was used as a ba­sis to jus­tify cuts to tran­sit was not rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the users of pub­lic tran­sit, he said.

He does not feel the cur­rent “ad­vi­sory coun­cils” are any sub­sti­tute for coun­cil hear­ing di­rectly from those af­fected on any given is­sue.


Ryan Reg­nier is a can­di­date for coun­cil in the mu­nic­i­pal elec­tion to be held on Oct. 16.

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