Seven cases of West Nile con­firmed in 2017

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There have been seven cases of West Nile virus con­firmed in the province with four of those in the Al­berta Health Ser­vices’ south zone, which in­cludes Medicine Hat.

Of the seven cases re­ported, one was the neu­ro­log­i­cal type and the other six non-neu­ro­log­i­cal.

Those with West Nile non­neu­ro­log­i­cal syn­drome may ex­pe­ri­ence fever, chills, nau­sea, vom­it­ing, fa­tigue, skin rash, swollen glands and headache. Peo­ple who de­velop West Nile neu­ro­log­i­cal syn­drome may ex­pe­ri­ence tremors, drowsi­ness, con­fu­sion, swal­low­ing prob­lems, high fever, un­con­scious­ness, paral­y­sis and even death.

In 2003, there were 275 cases of West Nile in Al­berta and in 2007 there were 320. The num­bers dropped dras­ti­cally after that with only one in 2008, two in 2009, nine cases in 2012 in­clud­ing a lo­cal man who died that Oc­to­ber from West Nile Neu­ro­log­i­cal Syn­drome.

There were 21 cases in 2013 and then noth­ing un­til last year when there were five cases, three of which were in the south of the province, ac­cord­ing to data pro­vided on Al­berta Health's web­site.

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