Know Your Cats

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Im­press your friends with this cat trivia!

1. Cats of the op­po­site gen­der tend to make bet­ter house­mates, mak­ing for a more har­mo­nious multi-cat home.

2. Closed eyes can mean your cat is happy or pleased.

3. Cats greet each other by rub­bing their noses to­gether.

4. A third of cats' awake-time is usu­ally spent groom­ing them­selves.

5. A cat’s whiskers are ac­tu­ally touch re­cep­tors. These im­por­tant nav­i­ga­tional tools al­low cats to gage the width of open­ings and de­tect and re­spond to changes in their en­vi­ron­ment. Cats not only have whiskers around their nose and up­per fa­cial lip, but also shorter whiskers above each eye, kind of like eye­brows, as well as on their jaw line and on the back of their front legs. Never trim or cut your cat’s whiskers!

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