Modern Cat - - Editor's Letter - Con­nie Wil­son, Founder, Pub­lisher, and Edi­tor-in-Chief

I’d like to start this is­sue with a note of grat­i­tude to our amaz­ing read­ers. To­gether we’ve cre­ated a su­per-fun and in­spir­ing com­mu­nity of cat lovers. Our tribe is the coolest! A big thank you for be­ing part of it. When we set about cre­at­ing this is­sue we thought about two things: your hap­pi­ness and your cats’, and so we packed this is­sue with things that will im­prove both of your lives. From the best en­gag­ing cat toys (p 40) to be­havioural ad­vice from none other than Mieshelle Nagelschneider (aka The Cat Whisperer), we’ve got you cov­ered. Think your cat would make a won­der­ful ther­apy an­i­mal? We tell you how to get started on page 60! There are tons of crazy-cute cat pho­tos, of course, as well as give­aways, cat fur­ni­ture that ac­tu­ally looks great, cov­etable cat caves, your cat ques­tions an­swered (p 42), adopt­able cats, and so much more! And if you like all that, we’d love to in­vite you to join us on­line. You can get even more Mod­ern Cat daily by fol­low­ing us on Face­book, Twit­ter, and Instagram. Think in­dis­pen­si­ble cat ad­vice, Tummy Tues­days, ex­clu­sive give­aways and con­tests, and, of course, lots of funny and adorable pho­tos and videos. Cat lovers unite! In grat­i­tude,

I have lived with sev­eral Zen masters — all of them cats. — Eck­hart Tolle

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