How To En­ter­tain Your Cat

Try these cheap and easy fe­line bore­dom busters!

Modern Cat - - Front Page - By Lau­ren Cheal

Bored cats can act out with de­struc­tive be­hav­iour like chew­ing, scratch­ing where they aren’t sup­posed to, wak­ing their hu­mans in the mid­dle of the night, and fight­ing with their fe­line house­mates. If your cat isn’t get­ting the stim­u­la­tion she needs, try these cheap and easy bore­dom busters for the stay-at-home cat!


Hide treats or kib­ble around your home. Or make an in­ter­ac­tive DIY treat puzzle! Grab an empty pa­per towel roll, se­curely duct tape a piece of pa­per over one end (make sure your cat can't eat the tape: use this toy su­per­vised), and then drop the treats down the tube. You’ve got an in­stant treat puzzle that your cat can spend hours at­tempt­ing to de­feat!

2 Move your cat’s food to a new lo­ca­tion. Cats in the wild hunt for their food, and your cat’s in­stincts are the very same. By sim­ply mov­ing the food dishes to another room, you are en­cour­ag­ing her to hunt for her din­ner! Or try the NoBowl Feed­ing Sys­tem ($60, nobowl­cat. com). This unique in­door hunt­ing sys­tem re­places your cat's food dish with a set of five NoBowls that al­low your cat to stalk, trap, and play with her food in a nat­u­ral and healthy way!


Try out an in­ter­ac­tive cam­era to check in on your cat while you're at work! The Petcube In­ter­ac­tive Wi-Fi Pet Cam­era ($98 on Ama­zon) not only al­lows you see, via your smart­phone, what your cat is up to while you’re away, it also lets you re­motely play laser pointer games with her! Plus, you can record videos or take pic­tures of your cat, and the cam­era has a mi­cro­phone and speaker so you can talk to your cat too. (Goodbye of­fice pro­duc­tiv­ity!)


Solo play toys are a great way to add ex­cite­ment to your cat's alone time. We love P.L.A.Y.’s Peek-aBoo Mouse In­ter­ac­tive Toy ($20, pet­play. com). The mouse pops up, hides, and even re­verse di­rec­tion to stim­u­late your cat’s cu­rios­ity and keep your kitty en­gaged and play­ing for ages! Pro tip: Keep it fresh. Put your cat’s toy in a drawer while you are home, and then take it out for them just be­fore you leave. Hid­ing it from them will add ex­tra in­trigue and ex­cite­ment for your cat, and they’ll be more likely to en­gage with it. Also be sure to ro­tate the toys your cat has ac­cess to, keep­ing things fresh and in­ter­est­ing!


Brush up on groom­ing. Groom­ing is an es­sen­tial so­cial func­tion for cats, so add to your bond by brush­ing your cat. Most cats will like some kind of brush­ing, but you may have to try out a few dif­fer­ent groom­ing tools to find the right one for you and your cat. We’ve had good re­sults on lots of cats with the Wahl Groom­ing Glove. Bond­ing time plus it’s good for your cat’s skin and coat!

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