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1 My cat al­ready loves get­ting cozy in her Karma Cat cave and I can now make it stylish by adding their new mix and match flower top­pers! My cat still has her comfy space and I have a cat bed that’s su­per fash­ion­able!— Al­ice ($80 for the cave, $18 for the Top­pers, kar­ma­

2 I worry how to en­sure my cat’s pro­tec­tion if I am in­jured and can’t tell any­one that my cat’s home alone wait­ing for me. Latchkey Petz ac­ces­sories alert first re­spon­ders that you are a pet owner and their on­line reg­is­tra­tion houses all med­i­cal records and other im­por­tant info. —Clara (From $15,

3 My kitty friends Matilda and Ophe­lia are re­ally into Snappy Tom Ul­ti­mates! These healthy, pro­tein-rich meals are grain-free with zero by-prod­ucts and are made to mimic the nat­u­ral diet of cats in the wild. Matilda and Ophe­lia love the purr-fectly de­li­cious tuna

and mack­erel flavour!— Eleanor ($2 for a sin­gle can, snap­py­ 4 My kit­ties love Wild Alaskan Salmon oil from Griz­zly Pet Prod­ucts! Ex­tracted from de­li­cious wild Alaskan salmon, this nu­tri­tious oil is chock-full of Omega-3 fatty acids, vi­ta­mins, and an­tiox­i­dants. Add it to your kitty's din­ner to sup­port her im­mune sys­tem and con­trib­ute to a healthy skin and coat!— Laura (From $11, griz­zlypet­prod­

5 It doesn’t get more nat­u­ral than CatSpot Lit­ter! It’s made of 100% co­conut… and that’s it! Not only is it eco-friendly, odour elim­i­nat­ing, and hy­poal­ler­genic, it’s su­per-easy to main­tain—just scoop the solids and give it a bit of a stir. And when you’re ready to change the lit­ter af­ter about 15 days, just toss the lit­ter into your flower bed or com­post bin!— Mariah (From $15/bag, catspotlit­

6 When I first brought my new kitty Potato home from the shel­ter, she had some anx­i­ety and un­easi­ness about be­ing re-homed. I plugged in the Thun­derEase Calm­ing Dif­fuser and her stress level low­ered like crazy! It’s a to­tally drug-free way to re­duce anx­i­ety symp­toms like urine spray­ing and scratch­ing, mim­ick­ing nat­u­ral pheromones to make your cat feel calm and com­fort­able.— Jen ($22, thun­der­­derease)

7 My cats love scratch­ing! My cats love card­board! They don’t love vac­u­ums. Scratch Lounge is tops in my multi-cat home be­cause my kitty crew can scratch, chill, and even scratch while chill­ing (thanks to the el­e­vated sides). The non-toxic, en­vi­ron­men­tally-friendly ma­te­ri­als are su­per-durable—so I’m not left vac­u­um­ing up bits and pieces! —Kather­ine ($20,

8 My cat al­ways looks so cozy in her Bowsers But­ter­cup bed! Shaped like the flower it is named for, this clever bed can be slept on flat (like a mat) or ad­justed if your cat is a snug­gler that prefers pri­vacy. Ma­chine wash­able, the But­ter­cup bed is avail­able in an ar­ray of gor­geous de­signs. I love the marsh­mal­low, blush, and eclipse styles!— Con­nie ($60,

9 Be­tween me and my sis­ter, the wa­ter bowl in our house is empty be­fore you know it. With the Au­to­matic Fresh Wa­ter foun­tain from MyThree­, we al­ways have fil­tered wa­ter to drink! Wa­ter streams from an adorable frog’s mouth and it holds 1.14 liters of H2O – def­i­nitely enough to keep us hy­drated!— Domino (Start­ing at $29 for foun­tain, $9 for splash mat, mythree­

10 As a no­to­ri­ous clean freak, I have night­mares about the dirty lit­ter scoop—enter the Coco Hook-On Lit­ter Scoop from Ru­fus & Coco. This adorable scoop hooks se­curely onto the lit­ter tray so it’s al­ways close at hand and not ly­ing around spread­ing germs. The cute cat face de­sign doesn’t hurt ei­ther!— Jen­nifer ($4, ru­fu­sand­

11 Some­times my poor cats get ner­vous or spooked when it comes to anx­i­ety in­duc­ers like thun­der, fire­works, or new vis­i­tors to my home. Luck­ily you can help your cat stay calm with Bach Res­cue Rem­edy. Just add two drops of this nat­u­ral rem­edy used on hu­mans and an­i­mals for more than 80 years to help your kitty re­lax and re­gain emo­tional bal­ance.— Ce­line ($21, res­cuerem­











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