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Here are just a few of the funny cap­tions sub­mit­ted by read­ers for the Cap­tion Cor­ner photo on page 15 in the Jan­uary is­sue. Thanks to ev­ery­one who wrote in!

■ “Who are you call­ing a black sheep?” Sub­mit­ted by Janet Bruce of Cour­tice, Ont.

■ “Ha! They call me the black sheep! Get a load of the hairdo on these two!” Sub­mit­ted by Deb­bie Browne of Spruce Grove, Alta.

■ “Mom, Dad, you guys need a hair­cut!” Sub­mit­ted by Clif­ford Wells of Bow­manville, Ont.

■ “I feel like the black sheep of the fam­ily!” Sub­mit­ted by Glo­ria Young of Bot­wood, N.L.

■ “Come along, Ju­nior. I’ve got to fix your hair.” Sub­mit­ted by Bon­nie

Gil­more of Cam­bridge, Ont.

■ “The guy who sheared us used to be a bar­ber.” Sub­mit­ted by Ja­cob Berg of Saska­toon.

■ “Ig­nore all those peo­ple with cam­eras, we will pro­tect you—stay close!” Sub­mit­ted by Lucy Hokke of Walk­er­ton, Ont.

■ “Oh look, guess who’s com­ing to see us!” Sub­mit­ted by Bar­bara

Costi­gan of Air­drie, Alta.

■ “Laugh now, but this hairdo will be all the rage in 2017.” Sub­mit­ted by J.J. Row­land of Kirk­field, Ont.

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