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One day back in 1977, my brother John lost his den­tures as he dove off the fam­ily dock into Crys­tal Lake, near Kin­mount, Ont. Not so funny at the time, es­pe­cially for John!

Fast for­ward to the sum­mer of 1983: As my son Larry came to the sur­face while scuba div­ing at the lake, he said to me, “Mom, quick, put out your hand.”

A lit­tle wor­ried about what he had found, I re­luc­tantly held out my hand and was re­ally sur­prised to see what he placed in it.

Ever since John had lost his den­tures, there had been a run­ning joke in our fam­ily that some­one was bound to catch a fish with a mouth full of teeth. Well, thanks to Larry’s in­cred­i­ble find, that wasn’t go­ing to hap­pen…or was it?

After ev­ery­one had a look and a chuckle at the newly found den­tures (ex­cept John, of course), I de­cided to make the run­ning joke a re­al­ity. I bought an or­na­men­tal fish made of rat­tan, placed the den­tures in its mouth and added a tro­phy rib­bon, pro­claim­ing “First Prize, Crys­tal Lake, 1983.” We sur­prised John with the “gift” on his birth­day later that year and much laugh­ter en­sued!

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