More of Our Canada - - Funny Stuff - Submitted by Char­lotte Gil­latt, May­mont, Sask.

My cousin Vir­ginia Boutilier wrote this poem about my fa­ther in 1953, after he and my mom, brother and sis­ter paid Vir­ginia and her fam­ily a visit, trav­el­ling from Saskatchewan to Seabright, N.S.:

There is a man from Saskatchewan, Roy Boutilier is his name. He came to Nova Sco­tia to fish his way to fame.

With hook and line and hopes held high, he started out from Seabright, but soon to his dis­may, he found not a tuna in sight.

“I’ll catch a tuna yet,” said he, “For fur­ther I will rove!” So, with rod and reel, he started off for Peggy’s Cove.

With baited hook he cast his line to again try his luck, but his hopes were dashed, for all he caught was pol­lock.

Now home­ward bound, he’s off again, a still un­fa­mous man, for all he has to show his friends is tuna in a can!

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