Sto­ry­time: Billy The Kid

A young goat gets his first taste of the big, wide world

More of Our Canada - - Content - By Mar­jorie John­stone, Richibucto, N. B.

An ad­ven­tur­ous lit­tle goat trav­els a bit too far afield on his first day out in the big, wide world.

Once upon a time, on a spring morn­ing, lit­tle Billy lay in the soft, warm straw as his mother gently mas­saged his tiny body. Soon, Billy be­gan to stir as first one leg, then an­other, tried to lift him. At first, his lit­tle legs were too wob­bly, and down he would go. Be­fore long, though, he was able to stand and en­joy his first feed of warm milk.

Day by day, Billy grew stronger and live­lier. He be­gan to rec­og­nize the sound of Farmer Jones as he came whistling into the barn. He also brought Mother fresh hay, and he’d stop to rub Billy’s head, where some­day, Billy would grow a great pair of horns. Life was cozy and se­cure.

As time passed, Billy be­gan to feel the warmth of the sun through the win­dow, and was ex­cited at the new scents he smelled com­ing in on the breeze. One day, Farmer Jones opened the barn door and led Mother and Billy out into the big, green pas­ture, where Mother be­gan hap­pily eat­ing the grass. Be­ing a lit­tle ner­vous, Billy stayed close to her side. Be­fore long, how­ever, be­ing young and full of en­ergy, Billy be­gan to romp around. At first he jumped and skipped near Mother. He con­tin­ued jump­ing and skip­ping and bounc­ing un­til late af­ter­noon, when sud­denly, Billy re­al­ized he was alone! He was start­ing to feel cold and hun­gry; where was Mother?

Fear filled his lit­tle heart as be bleated and ran around, search­ing for his mother. Dark­ness fell as birds twit­tered qui­etly in the trees, and down by the pond frogs be­gan their evening song. Billy had heard these sounds be­fore, but Mother had al­ways been near—now he was alone and fright­ened.

From the dark­ness, Billy saw some­thing shin­ing and heard fa­mil­iar foot­steps. Soon, he was be­ing car­ried in the gen­tle arms of Farmer Jones, who brought him back to the warmth and com­fort of home and Mother.

Billy’s first day out in the big world had been an ex­cit­ing one. A brand­new day of ad­ven­ture lay ahead— af­ter a good night’s rest. ■

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