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More of Our Canada - - Content - By Dan Wever, Grand Prairie, Alta.

My wife Vi­vian and daugh­ter Shannon be­gan col­lect­ing Beanie Ba­bies years ago. Ev­ery­where we went on va­ca­tion at least two or three of these lit­tle char­ac­ters would come home with us. At last count, the girls have amassed more than 400 in their col­lec­tion— cats, dogs, di­nosaurs, clowns, snakes and the list goes on. My wife tells me that some of these rare Beanie Ba­bies will be worth lots of money in the fu­ture. I won­der if that means I can re­tire soon? For now, our grand­daugh­ters Ava and Lexi have a ball play­ing with them—well, not the rare ones with their spe­cial name tags! If I’m ever stuck try­ing to find a name for a new pet, I just have to check out all these nametags and I’m sure I would find a unique one.

I must tell you, these Beanie Ba­bies have had an im­pact on my life—lit­er­ally. One day, I de­cided to move our eight-tiered shelv­ing unit around in the bed­room. The unit was filled with these pre­cious lit­tle ba­bies and, as I walked it across the room, a leg broke free and all the beady-eyed char­ac­ters came tum­bling down on top of me.

Luck­ily, I was home alone so Vi­vian didn’t wit­ness the event. I piled all the ba­bies in the mid­dle of the bed­room then re­paired the shelv­ing unit as quickly as pos­si­ble. Let’s see, do the dragons be­long with the tur­tles? And was it the mon­keys with the teddy bears? I know Vi­vian spent a con­sid­er­able amount of time fig­ur­ing out this ar­range­ment and would kill me if she found out I changed it around in a rush. I fi­nally had them back to nor­mal in a hour or so.

Life was good again un­til a Beanie Baby that had been hastily stacked on top of an­other fell to the floor. The gig was up— I con­fessed and haven’t moved those lit­tle mon­sters around again! ■

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