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Iowa’s House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives has voted for a bill that would per­mit chil­dren younger than 14 to pos­sess “a pis­tol, re­volver or the am­mu­ni­tion” un­der parental su­per­vi­sion. “What this bill does, the bill be­fore us, (is) al­lows for one-year-olds, twoyear- olds, three- year- olds, four- year- olds to op­er­ate hand­guns,” Demo­cratic State Rep. Kirsten Run­ning- Mar­quardt said. “We do not need a mili­tia of tod­dlers.” The cur­rent state law has no re­stric­tions on chil­dren us­ing long guns or shot­guns un­der a par­ent’s su­per­vi­sion but pro­hibits them from us­ing hand­guns. Repub­li­can State Rep. Jake High­fill said the new bill, which passed 62-36, “brings the code in line with long guns and shot­guns” by al­low­ing them to pos­sess a firearm un­der di­rect su­per­vi­sion from a par­ent or le­gal guardian. “Al­low­ing peo­ple to learn at a young age the re­spect that a gun com­mands is one of the most im­por­tant things you can do,” High­fill said. Chil­dren can­not, how­ever, pur­chase a firearm on their own. The bill is now headed to the Iowa Se­nate.


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