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A fundrais­ing let­ter sent by new Con­ser­va­tive Leader Erin O’toole to party mem­bers con­tains pas­sages iden­ti­cal to sec­tions of his ri­val Peter Mackay’s cam­paign web­site. The mis­sive to mem­bers was sent ear­lier this month in the wake of O’toole's vic­tory over Mackay in the Au­gust lead­er­ship vote. Por­tions of the let­ter about the im­pact of COVID-19, O’toole's vi­sion for the party and a def­i­ni­tion of con­ser­va­tive val­ues all con­tain the same sen­tences and phras­ing as Mackay’s cam­paign web­site. Con­ser­va­tive party spokesman Cory Hann says hu­man er­ror is to blame: a con­trac­tor hired to write the note drafted one ver­sion in the event Mackay won the con­test, and one for an O’toole vic­tory. Hann says con­tent from the Mackay let­ter was in­ad­ver­tently left in when the fi­nal ver­sion was put to­gether.

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