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all ratepay­ers. $2.5 bil­lion

Gas plant moves, from Mis­sis­sauga and Oakville to Lambton and Bath, On­tario. $1.1 bil­lion To­tal spend­ing for “frills and shiny baubles”: $7.4-bil­lion.

Sec­ond, we have our “in­ter­mit­tent and un­re­li­able” cat­e­gory, in which the province added wind and so­lar ca­pac­ity that is un­able to de­liver gen­er­a­tion when the wind isn’t blow­ing and the sun’s not shin­ing.

On­tario’s in­de­pen­dent sys­tem op­er­a­tor shows the province will have in­stalled wind and so­lar ca­pac­ity of more than 7,000 MW as of March 31, 2017, in­clud­ing 4,650 MW of wind at a cap­i­tal cost of $2.2 mil­lion per MW. $10.2 bil­lion

So­lar gen­er­a­tion as of

Big Becky hy­dro power ex­pan­sion, which went $600 mil­lion over bud­get to squeeze 150 MWs of ca­pac­ity from Ni­a­gara Falls. $1.5 bil­lion

Mattagami hy­dro power project, orig­i­nally es­ti­mated at $1.6 bil­lion to in­crease the rated ca­pac­ity by 438 MW, went over bud­get by $1 bil­lion.

Be­fore these two hy­dro projects were com­pleted, OPG pro­duced 30.6 TWh (ter­awatt hours) of hy­dro gen­er­a­tion. De­spite the ad­di­tion of 588 MW of ca­pac­ity, hy­dro gen­er­a­tion in 2016 fell to 29.5 TWh. Gen­er­a­tion data from March 21 in­di­cates Mattagami gen­er­ated power at about eight per cent of rated ca­pac­ity, while all other hy­dro was op­er­at­ing at an

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