Who will walk Meghan down the aisle?

Fa­ther not sure after suf­fer­ing chest pains

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LON­DON• Will Meghan Markle’s fa­ther be at her wed­ding this Satur­day to walk his daugh­ter down the aisle? Has the me­dia’s zoom lens of at­ten­tion on Meg’s Val­ium-pop­ping pop been “atro­cious and in­tru­sive,” as Markle’s half sis­ter claims? Or is Markle’s half-sis a lit­tle me­dia “vul­ture” her­self as celebrity TV per­son­alty Piers Mor­gan claimed on Tues­day?

Ah, noth­ing like a British royal wed­ding.

Whether Markle’s fa­ther shows at St. Ge­orge’s Chapel on Satur­day was the sub­ject of fevered spec­u­la­tion among royal ob­ses­sives on Tues­day.

Thomas Markle told the celebrity news site TMZ on Tues­day that he wanted to walk is daugh­ter down the aisle, but wasn’t sure if he would be able to travel to Bri­tain.

“Of course I’d walk her down the aisle. This is a his­toric mo­ment. I’d like to be a part of his­tory,” he told the web­site.

But he said he was back in the hospi­tal fol­low­ing chest pains and wasn’t sure if the doc­tors would let him out in time. He also told the web­site that Meghan tried call­ing him on Mon­day, but he missed the call. She then texted him say­ing she loved him and was con­cerned about his health, the web­site said.

His lat­est chat with TMZ comes after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle asked for “un­der­stand­ing” amid claims that Thomas Markle won’t be at­tend­ing the royal wed­ding.

Ac­cord­ing to TMZ, as of Mon­day, Markle had de­cided to pull out of the wed­ding be­cause he doesn’t want to em­bar­rass his daugh­ter or the roy­als.

TMZ said that Markle se­nior re­gret­ted work­ing with a photographer and pos­ing for pic­tures, which in­cluded pic­tures of the re­tiree get­ting mea­sured for his wed­ding suit and another of him look­ing at pic­tures of his daugh­ter and fu­ture son-in-law. The elder Markle told the web­site he looked “stupid and hammy.”

The 73-year-old re­tired Hollywood light­ing di­rec­tor told TMZ he was “pop­ping Val­ium” be­cause of chest pains brought on by “emo­tional up­set.”

The re­ports of a pos­si­ble no-show by Markle’s fa­ther were splashed across the front pages of sev­eral British news­pa­pers on Tues­day.

Do­ria Ragland, Markle’s mother, is ex­pected to meet the Queen this week as planned. She is ex­pected to be the first choice to walk Markle down the aisle if her fa­ther does not show.

Markle’s half sis­ter, Sa­man­tha Grant, said she was the one to blame for the pho­tos and that they were in­tended to por­tray her fa­ther in a pos­i­tive light.

“The bad press over my fa­ther do­ing staged pho­tos is my fault,” she said, ac­cord­ing to tweets seen by the BBC. “The me­dia was un­fairly mak­ing him look bad so I sug­gested he do pos­i­tive pho­tos for his ben­e­fit and the ben­e­fit of the royal fam­ily. We had no idea he would be taken ad­van­tage of. It was not for money.”

On Tues­day, Grant tan­gled with host Piers Mor­gan on ITV’s “Good Morn­ing Bri­tain” show.

“You say that this is all the me­dia’s fault that he’s not com­ing to the wed­ding be­cause of this,” Mor­gan said. “Many of our view­ers may have watched your ac­tiv­i­ties in a year and half and no­ticed you have been treat­ing your sis­ter in a shabby way.”

Grant de­fended her fa­ther’s grant­ing per­mis­sion to be pho­tographed. “The goal of those pho­to­graphs was ba­si­cally be­cause he’s feel­ing de­fence­less,” she said. “A per­son has the right to say enough is enough.”

“Yeah but here’s the prob­lem. The me­dia have been bom­barded with let­ters from Kens­ing­ton Palace and Thomas Markle as well,” claim­ing the press should not in­trude on his pri­vacy, Mor­gan said.

“Now it turns out he was ac­tively in­vad­ing his own pri­vacy for a check from a photographer,” he said.

Then the TV host lashed into her for cashing in as well by pub­lish­ing her tat­tle­tale book, “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sis­ter.” Grant in­sisted the book is fic­tion.

“There’s no big­ger me­dia vul­ture than you,” Mor­gan said. “You’ve been trash­ing her for two years, you lit­tle vul­ture.”

Meghan Markle is es­tranged from her two half sib­lings, prod­ucts of her fa­ther’s first mar­riage.

Re­cently, Thomas Markle Jr., Grant’s brother and Meghan’s half brother, called Meghan a “jaded, shal­low, con­ceited wo­man.” He also warned Harry, in an open let­ter he pro­vided to the me­dia, that the mar­riage would be “the big­gest mis­take in royal wed­ding his­tory.” He is re­ported to have been ar­rested last Jan­uary for al­legedly point­ing a gun at his girl­friend dur­ing an ar­gu­ment. He has since apol­o­gized.

Mean­while his ex-wife, Tracy Doo­ley, and their two sons Tyler, 25, and Thomas, 26, ar­rived in Lon­don Mon­day de­spite the fact none of them has been in­vited to the wed­ding.

“Her brother has said such hor­ri­ble things about her that she couldn’t have in­vited her neph­ews or me to the wed­ding,” Doo­ley said in an in­ter­view.

Doo­ley would like to make it clear that she has no in­ten­tion of ex­ploit­ing, ex­ag­ger­at­ing, in­flat­ing, mon­e­tiz­ing, mis­rep­re­sent­ing or in any way abus­ing her con­nec­tion.



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