A ‘mar­riage’ made in le­gal con­straints

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Re­gard­ing the di­vorced man who’s ter­ri­fied that the next woman will de­plete his fi­nances again:

“When re­search­ing the law (for my le­gal sep­a­ra­tion/di­vorce agree­ment), I con­cluded that the only way a guy can pro­tect him­self is to NOT get mar­ried. “And also avoid a com­mon-law mar­riage; if she moves in with you, through a co­hab­i­ta­tion agree­ment, charge her rent, NEVER re­fer to her as your wife (or al­low her to re­fer to you as her hus­band), no joint fi­nances and not let­ting her con­trib­ute to home ex­penses out­side of rent.

“Other­wise, the mo­ment you marry or live com­mon-law, you give some­one much con­trol over you, your assets, and the abil­ity to mess with the cus­tody of your kids.

“You don’t need to be mar­ried to be in a lov­ing long-term relationship. I’m in one right now.” — The Bet­ter Way

A Yech! I say that NOT be­cause I’m a woman, but be­cause I don’t be­lieve that it’s a lov­ing act when a woman OR a man so cal­cu­lat­ingly takes steps as­sur­ing that a union can end with the click of a mouse — and no fi­nan­cial or joint child re­spon­si­bil­i­ties on ei­ther side.


Re­gard­ing seek­ing help for child/teen bed-wet­ters:

Reader — “My son be­gan wet­ting his bed at age seven. It be­came part of our home life. We were tol­er­at­ing it for about a year when I caught an episode of 60 Min­utes and the ques­tion, “Does Your Child Snore?” ap­peared.

“So much in­for­ma­tion came out of that episode and we were able to make a con­nec­tion be­tween the snor­ing, the bed­wet­ting, and a den­tal exam when four root canals were re­quired.

“The cause was sleep ap­nea due to his over­sized tonsils be­ing re­laxed, block­ing his air­way, and pre­vent­ing saliva from pass­ing dur­ing his rest. It turned out that his bed wet­ting was ac­tu­ally saving his life ... it was his body’s way of wak­ing him up to breathe.

“Our doc­tor sched­uled him for surgery al­most im­me­di­ately and he never wet the bed again. That pro­ce­dure com­pletely trans­formed my son’s life.”

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