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Com­mon mo­tifs? I re­al­ized re­cently that I’ve been sub­con­sciously work­ing a lot of bones and spines into my art­work. I col­lect skulls and bones, and I think my in­ter­est in that stems from hav­ing sco­l­io­sis and hav­ing had cor­rec­tive spinal surgery in high school. With tat­toos specif­i­cally, I in­clude a lot of hands, flow­ers, and witch sym­bols.

What is it like be­ing a woman in this tra­di­tion­ally male-dom­i­nated

field? I’ve only been in this in­dus­try for a short while, and I’m also com­ing into it at a time when women have way more free­dom and op­por­tu­ni­ties than my pre­de­ces­sors. I have no doubt that women are still strug­gling to be taken se­ri­ously as tat­too­ers and artists, and I’m sure it was very dif­fi­cult for a lot of them to even have made it into the field at all.

Cur­rent trends? De­signs?

In­no­va­tions? It seems like, with all the new tech­nol­ogy around, the art form is prac­ti­cally lim­it­less. Cus­tomers are com­ing in with cooler and more in­ter­est­ing de­sign re­quests ev­ery day — from photo-re­al­ism to wa­ter­colour to geo­met­ric to neo-tra­di­tional. Ap­pren­tic­ing ver­sus school­ing? When word of the tat­too course at Al­go­nquin first came out, it was kind of like a slap in the face. I had just spent the last two or three years try­ing to get my foot in the door, some­times work­ing for free while work­ing two other jobs and putting my­self through art school. And then the prospect of 50 kids land­ing in this pro­gram and then surely flood­ing into shops ask­ing for jobs and pos­si­bly get­ting them was like some­one telling me that I had just spent three years do­ing noth­ing. Any in­tel­li­gent shop owner would still want them to ap­pren­tice. So the whole point of the pro­gram would be null and void, which leads us to be­lieve that the whole thing was just a money grab.

In­flu­ences on your art? I’m in­flu­enced pretty greatly by mu­sic, old wood­cuts, re­li­gious im­agery, tarot cards, Hierony­mus Bosch, Egon Schiele, eclec­tic mu­si­cal in­stru­ments, the oc­cult in gen­eral, DIY cul­ture, and ev­ery­one in this city who is mak­ing things and be­ing in­no­va­tive.

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