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Did you know you can eat the flower of the lowly car­rot? This del­i­cate white spray, akin to Queen Anne’s Lace, not only has a mild car­rot flavour but is very beau­ti­ful. “It’s a big sur­prise!” says Corinne Mooney of Ot­tawa Edi­ble Flow­ers. Even the con­ven­tional edi­ble blooms — nas­tur­tiums in sal­ads and vi­o­lets on cakes — are left be­hind on many plates. As Danielle Schami, owner of Frank­town House Flow­ers, opines, “A lot of peo­ple don’t know.”

Lis­ten, there’s a whole world of flow­ers we can eat. Some blooms may not have much flavour, but they’re show­stop­pers, adding aes­thetic ap­peal to any dish — or glass. You can taste the li­corice in anise hys­sop, how­ever. And although the bloom is tall, it is eas­ily sep­a­rated. Next time you mix up a bowl of peaches and mel­ons, scat­ter the vi­o­let flo­rets on top.

Candytuft, in colours rang­ing from white to pink to pur­ple, tastes pep­pery like a mild radish, per­fect for a mâche-and-en­dive salad.

Mooney raves about fuch­sias, three-di­men­sional psy­che­delic-look­ing flow­ers in pink and pur­ple that will make your gin and tonic sparkle. Mean­while, tiny wax be­go­nias are sour, “like bit­ing into a lemon,” says Mooney, which means they are great with Cam­pari.

Over at Fairouz, chef Walid El-Tawel some­times strews them over his chilled yo­gurt-and-herb soup. Snap­drag­ons are slightly bit­ter, but Car­rie Bradley, owner of Patis­serie La Toque, dec­o­rates her cakes with Frank­town’s blos­soms in shades of red and bur­gundy. Ex­tra lus­cious­ness!

These days, Mooney is look­ing into crys­tal­liz­ing her Here’s the beef: Sump­tu­ous beef short owrib­n­sar­roeser­vaend­dwviteh robuegnh-acuptep­taaplp­sar—de­bl­ley dip­ping them in egg wn­hoiot­de­leas­nad­nds­bura­giaserd, wmuh­si­hcrhoon­most only pre­serves them but makes them crunchy and sweet. Mean­while, Schami is hop­ing her sweet and per­fumed Stock flow­ers do well this year. What to do with the apri­cot-coloured ones? Why, go find your­self a plate of cream tarts!

Les Fleurs Frank­town House Flow­ers, 819-459-3181 (find their flow­ers for sale at the Wake­field Gen­eral Store). Ot­tawa Edi­ble Flow­ers, 613-299-1796.

By Cindy Deachman

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