Writer’s Block: The Great Cana­dian Quilt Ad­ven­ture

Our Canada - - News - by Mar­jorie Cripps, Eto­bi­coke

This tale of trav­el­ling across Canada on a magic fly­ing quilt is a per­fect trib­ute to our coun­try’s 150th birth­day.

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Gram held up the new quilt. “I made this es­pe­cially for the two of you,” she said.

“Look at all the squares, Amanda,” said Mitchell as he helped Gram spread the quilt un­der a tree. “Wow, it’s nearly as big as our back­yard,” said Amanda. “It’s a pic­ture map of Canada.”

“It’s an ‘I Spy’ quilt,” ex­plained Gram, smil­ing. She was pleased the chil­dren liked the quilt.

“Look, Stan­ley Park! And there’s the swing­ing bridge. That’s where we live—van­cou­ver!”

“I’ll get us some lemon­ade,” said Gram. “What­ever you do, don’t touch the red maple leaf square,” she added with a twin­kle in her eye.

Mitchell and Amanda looked at each other. “Should I?” Mitchell whis­pered. “Gram said not to,” Amanda whis­pered back. They crawled onto the quilt and lay down. Mitchell touched the red maple leaf square—the quilt twitched and rose slightly off the ground. Then Amanda touched the square and the quilt dropped back down. The chil­dren’s eyes grew wide as saucers. Mitchell touched the leaf again and the quilt be­gan to rise. Mitchell and Amanda held on to the edge of the quilt and gasped as it con­tin­ued to rise. Mitchell ducked to avoid the tree branch over their heads.

“This fly­ing quilt is great!” Mitchell shouted over a rush of wind. “Should we touch another square?”

Ner­vously, Amanda reached out and touched the white­caps on a square show­ing the ocean. The quilt shifted di­rec­tion and flew on. “Wow, what a lot of wa­ter!” ex­claimed Amanda.

“It must be the Pa­cific Ocean,” ex­plained Mitchell. “I saw it on my globe. I hope we see a whale.”

They peered over the side of the quilt to get a bet­ter view as they dipped and dove.

Mitchell touched a square with a salmon on it and the quilt jerked, changed di­rec­tion and zoomed


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