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There are some things in life that sim­ply beg a per­son to ask, why? “Why zuc­chini?” for ex­am­ple, when ev­ery gardener in the coun­try plants zuc­chini, tends it, weeds it, wa­ters it, picks it and then does their ut­most to give away their vast har­vest to whomever will take it.

Re­cently, I was told about a class of un­sus­pect­ing sec­ond­graders who went to their first day of school, and, at the end of class, their teacher gave each of them their very own per­son­al­ized zuc­chini—the kids were so proud! Why, it was even bet­ter than a bot­tle of Coke with their name on it! Par­ents with green thumbs weren’t quite so thrilled, how­ever, as they put their child’s prized zuc­chini along­side the pile from their own gar­den.

Some­how, we have to get this zuc­chini epi­demic un­der con­trol. Maybe a by­law would be help­ful, stat­ing only odd num­bered ad­dresses plant zuc­chini one year and even num­bered the next. Or com­mu­ni­ties could have zuc­chini fes­ti­vals, com­plete with zuc­chini cui­sine: grilled zuc­chini; zuc­chini cakes, loaves, muffins and smooth­ies; spi­ralled, spiced and spiked zuc­chini; the list is end­less. There could also be ac­tiv­i­ties for the kids, such as a zuc­chini-carv­ing con­test, zuc­chini wheel-bar­rel races, and re­lay races where kids run while bal­anc­ing a zuc­chini on their head. Who knows? It might be­come as well known as the Ice Bucket Chal­lenge one day!

Mean­while, the zuc­chini frenzy con­tin­ues—and it’s get­ting con­ta­gious. While writ­ing this, I found lots of zuc­chini recipes on the In­ter­net, with to-drool-over photos and hun­dreds of peo­ple rav­ing about an ab­so­lutely de­li­cious su­per-fudge-zuc­chini-cho­co­late cake. Even af­ter re­fus­ing mul­ti­ple zuc­chini of­fer­ings, the pas­sion­ate com­ments about this cake were al­most enough to make me a be­liever. One prob­lem, how­ever: the zuc­chini sea­son had al­ready ended and I was fresh out. Oh, well! I’ll just have to eat my su­per-fudgemi­nus-zuc­chini-cho­co­late cake, and ask my­self once again, “Why zuc­chini?”

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