And was it what you ex­pected, this jour­ney?

(The petal with its cig­a­rette burn at the heart)

Did you think you de­served more than the oth­ers?

(Those yel­low shells on the beach. So many!)

Did you ex­pect to ar­rive dam­age­less at your des­ti­na­tion?

Did you have a des­ti­na­tion?

(The trees breathe in and out, the river, even the stones

breathe in and breathe out)

You ex­pected to bear noth­ing

To lift your arms and bear noth­ing

To lift your arms, bear­ing noth­ing

Let us re­sume. Bear­ing noth­ing, you em­barked on the jour­ney.

(Rain and peb­bles. English voices. Lilies-of-the-val­ley.)

Bear­ing noth­ing, you—but I bore ev­ery­thing. I bore what I had to bear.

Light and dark, I bore it. Though not with grace.

Did you ex­pect grace? Did you travel grace­fully?

(I ex­pected clar­ity. With a few dance steps thrown in

for good mea­sure.)

Did you dis­cover, fi­nally, what you ex­pected?

(I dis­cov­ered walk­ing. I dis­cov­ered, walk­ing.

I, dis­cov­ered walk­ing, kept walk­ing. I al­lowed my­self

to be dis­cov­ered. Noth­ing was as I thought it would be.)

Be­gin again. With dif­fer­ent thoughts.

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