The Death of God


God was a hope­less hunter of men

God had been out to mur­der me for fifty years

But I was too clever for God

On De­cem­ber 22, 1978, while I was out­side of Indian Head

Bush­whack­ing me God shot Him­self in the foot

He was hop­ping mad

On Oc­to­ber 17, 1970, God thought He had me trapped

In­stead He hit a woman in the stom­ach

Her name was Mary

She has been seek­ing child sup­port ever since to no avail

God did not give up

He sought me high and low

In broth­els and churches

Decades came and went

By the time He caught up with me He was get­ting long in the tooth

He had cataracts

Blind as a door­knob

A bad heart

I was there when He died

He was dump­ster div­ing

His death throes were melo­dra­matic

He could die how­ever He wanted

He was God

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