Long lost love and find­ing it again

Prairie Post (East Edition) - - Viewpoints - BY ERIN BENNING

Ra­dio man. I wasn’t sure what to ex­pect when I first met him. It was a tan­gle of sorts of how he and I came to find each other, as it of­ten is with the new peo­ple that make their way into your life through mu­tual con­nec­tions and life path turns and twists. It’s funny how one day your world looks one way, and the next, dif­fer­ent, when you add a per­son into your life. This was true with him, in mine.

And so, there I was that sum­mery day in his base­ment ra­dio room, hav­ing never met met be­fore. Warm eyes and grey hair, I thought to my­self it was a nice com­bi­na­tion, as he sat in front of me smil­ing and shar­ing a bit about his life, his ra­dio show and ask­ing about my path with such gen­uine in­ter­est he melted my heart a lit­tle. As he spoke, he smiled and brushed his soft wavy hair from his fore­head, ex­plain­ing his work to me and gladly an­swer­ing the ques­tions I had of him.

As con­ver­sa­tions of­ten do, ours moved from work to fam­ily and then to love, well, lost love. He had been young and in love and so had she, but things can be com­pli­cated and their love was. And so, they went dif­fer­ent ways, build­ing lives with­out each other. Forty years passed, be­fore he would hold her in his arms again. But he did.

As he shared the story with me, my heart over­flowed with hope that love that strong and deep truly ex­isted. Too, it hurt for them, that they’d missed a whole life­time to­gether. He told me though, they had both found new love and lived full and heart­felt lives with their life long part­ners. It’s just they never truly fell out of love with each other, re­ally.

Late in life, he had found him­self alone, his wife now gone from this world, and he then won­der­ing what had hap­pened with his first love. He re­counted to me the story of how he set out to find her, driv­ing out into the dusty coun­try town he’d last seen her in, the day they said good­bye.

He said qui­etly, ‘It was the best place to start to find her’, his eyes bright­en­ing and a soft flush ap­pear­ing on his cheeks as the words left his mouth. I couldn’t help but think­ing that those were some of the most beau­ti­ful words I had ever heard.

We never know which peo­ple we meet will leave their mark on us and how they shed light on our own new di­rec­tions just by meet­ing them, un­til it hap­pens. He did that for me that day, and she did that for him all those years ago.

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