Let’s Make Con­tact


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Ev­ery­thing I’ve writ­ten to date— whether po­etry, prose, es­says, or short sto­ries—I’ve writ­ten with the sole pur­pose to an­swer ques­tions and fill space, to fill the cracks in the nar­ra­tive. Edit­ing this is­sue of

Room was no dif­fer­ent.

Kintsugi. The trans­la­tion from Ja­panese means “golden join­ery” or “to patch with gold.” By us­ing gold with lac­quer or epoxy to en­hance the breaks in bro­ken pot­tery, this tech­nique trans­forms bro­ken ce­ramic or china ves­sels into beau­ti­ful works of art and gives them new life. In think­ing about the “cracks in the nar­ra­tive,” the Ja­panese art of

Kintsugi gives me a lit­tle bit of hope. Bro­ken things can be fixed, made new, made bet­ter, beau­ti­ful again. The no­tion of trans­for­ma­tion is key to heal­ing from any sort of trauma.

In Ash­ley Lit­tle’s short sto­ries “Bel­uga” and “The Other Side of Noth­ing,” she de­scribes small glim­mers of hope buried be­neath life’s dark­est mo­ments in a richly po­etic way. When Lit­tle says “the sun sparkled off a crack in the wind­shield, slic­ing a crys­tal line across the hori­zon, and be­yond that the clean blue sky stretched out to in­fin­ity,” this is ex­actly what I mean by the cracks filled with gold.

In her in­ter­view with Cara Lang, Renée Saro­jini Sak­likar says she is “re­main­ing cu­ri­ous, deliri­ous about mak­ing con­tact with process, with the in­side and out­side worlds around me, with oth­ers, friends and strangers: to stay true to the work, some days be­ing bet­ter than oth­ers, still search­ing for that golden thread.”

“Let’s Make Con­tact” is about more than reach­ing out. It’s more than com­mu­ni­ca­tion, truth, and shar­ing. It’s about let­ting go. It’s about trans­for­ma­tion. “Let’s Make Con­tact” is about the con­stant search and need to make our­selves bet­ter.

When you sit down with this is­sue of Room, I hope you’ll no­tice the trick­ling beauty of each piece, wor­thy of gold in its own right. I want read­ers to see the cracks, and trea­sure them.

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