Lately, Pretty White Bitches Plague Me


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Can’t see straight,

Can’t feel straight,

Ain’t been straight, since last I can re­mem­ber.

Pussy stopped prowl­ing.

Paused for glazed glances, but to­day I was rinsed in de­sire. To­day I was pushed to quench.

How could I not in­dulge? Make food of his flesh. Use bones as util­ity. A duel suit of ar­mor.

Trails of lace left over lined the out­side of me. For­ti­fied and trem­bling, I held on to trea­sure.

Can’t see straight, since lifted from the trenches.

Can’t feel straight, since lifted from the trenches.

Ain’t been straight.

Ain’t been set­tling in my stom­ach. Ain’t been feel­ing felt or full.

Ain’t been free.

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