Driver pun­ish­ments should fit the crime

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Hats off to the Wall gov­ern­ment for fi­nally do­ing some­thing to al­le­vi­ate the car­nage on our streets and high­ways. Al­co­hol and drugs are one im­pair­ment, phones or dis­trac­tions of any kind in­clud­ing the vast ar­ray of dig­i­tal stuff are also im­pair­ments, but the worst im­pair­ment of all is the one most over­looked — stu­pid­ity!

Driv­ing trucks and buses for 50 years, I have pretty much seen ev­ery as­pect of stu­pid­ity you can imag­ine. It’s the same peo­ple who can’t walk and chew gum, who can’t drive and talk. Last time I checked, driv­ing was still a priv­i­lege, not a “right.” It if were up to me, driver’s li­cences would be fed­eral, like our PAL (gun li­cences). Then PROPER train­ing that in­cludes class­room and videos, ap­plied to all driv­ers. Then all “at-fault” ac­ci­dents would re­sult in manda­tory sus­pen­sions of, say, three months to life. Then any­one caus­ing a fa­tal­ity would get man­slaugh­ter, be­cause it would no longer be an “ac­ci­dent.” And that per­son would never drive again!

For­get putting the car in “jail” ( bad car, kick kick). That’s stupid. Any­one caus­ing a fa­tal­ity while sus­pended and/or com­mit­ting a crime such as theft would hang.

Sound rad­i­cal? Just talk to any mother who had to ID the man­gled body of her beau­ti­ful daugh­ter, or the adults with only vague mem­o­ries of their sis­ter or par­ents. They will tell you what is rad­i­cal! Ross Hingston, Lan­dis

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