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Ex­pert ad­vice from Con­rad Cor­biere, the for­mer com­pet­i­tive kick­boxer and cur­rent di­rec­tor of op­er­a­tions at Rum­ble “If you’re off bal­ance, you don’t con­trol where your weight goes and all that force ends up go­ing through your hand at a funny an­gle. That’s when in­juries hap­pen. And keep your fists clenched on im­pact. When you hit with a lot of force, but the struc­tural sup­port isn’t there, your wrist will fold on im­pact and that hurts like crazy.” should hit the same spot.”

“These are shorter range punches. Keep your palm in so your thumb’s up, kind of like you’re hold­ing a beer mug. Be­cause the punch is com­ing around and fin­ishes com­ing in to­wards you, you want a lit­tle bit of a bend in your wrist in­ward.”

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