Last of its kind

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The in­cred­i­ble new DB11 might be the best car As­ton Martin has made in decades, but the As­ton Martin we keep dream­ing about is this one: the old V12 Van­tage S with a 7-speed man­ual gear­box. It isn’t per­fect: the gear­box could be sweeter, and the in­te­rior is show­ing its age. But the engine pro­duces an in­tox­i­cat­ing com­bi­na­tion of speed and sound that will haunt your day­dreams. It’s a dif­fi­cult car to drive well, which means it’s re­ward­ing when you get it right. That it could be the last V12-pow­ered car with a proper stick shift only make us want this car more.

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